Best Diet Cat Foods for Weight Loss Review

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When you decide to buy an ideal cat food, you will likely find several of high-nutrition formulas offered by leading cat food brands like Royal Canin, Purina, and Hill's. The key is to scrutinize the ingredient lists of the product to determine its quality. Several inexpensive brands that offer cat’s food use low-quality fillers that can actually lower the caloric content of the product, but will not provide your cat the high-quality diet it needs for a healthy immune. It is always benefit you in the long term to spend a little more on a quality cat food. Doing that would help you avert major health problems for your cat.

Once you have assisted your cat reach a healthy weight, your goal now is to help him maintain that weight. When your cat is ready to leave your diet, never increase/decrease the food intake immediately; slowly add/decrease the portions over the course of a few weeks until you reach the recommended daily amount for weight maintenance. You can follow the food recommendations on the food label to determine the recommended amount of food for your cat's weight. In addition, you should monitor it to make sure it is not increasing or losing enormously. You must also keep in mind that your cat will still need daily exercise to maintain its new weight.

Instead of buying cat food after cat food and not getting the desired results, try these best quality cat foods we have reviewed after thorough research for the finer health and weight loss of your cat:

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#1 Blue for Cats Adult Dry Cat Food

This cat food helps to prop up the fitness and well-being of your cat. This product attributes only the first-rate natural ingredients such as delicious, protein-rich crammed Chicken, full of nourishment grains and veggies and embraces no chicken (or domestic fowl) by-product meals. The strictly balanced calories from the elements in blue weight regulate cat food give assistance to your kitty achieve and retain a healthy weight.

Blue bits are a pinpoint mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals sorted out by comprehensive veterinarians, animal specialists and dietitians and these bits prop up immune system health, life stage essentials, and wholesome oxidative balance. As far as the expense is concerned, this product is not going to cost you much and its numerous benefits are ultimately worth its cost.

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  • Blue life production
  • It is cold-formed, so the heat sensitive elements are not wasted.
  • No corn, wheat or soy.
  • It’s a dry food type.
  • Its weight is 2.3 kg and height 33.66 cm.


  • Weight management
  • Slant muscle development
  • Healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Healthy and maintained immune system
  • Prop up eye and heart health
  • Healthy digestion
  • List Element
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  • It can cause chronic dehydration in your cat.

This cat food having flavor of weight control chicken and brown rice makes an ideal food for your kitto. It clarifies multi-cat family circle feeding by lending a helping hand to your weighty cats reach a physically fit weight while providing a reasonable nutrition.

#2 Instinct Grain Free Recipe - Dry Cat Food by Nature's Variety

High foods with animal protein, free of grains, improved nutrition with pieces of raw meat that is freeze-dried; this recipe of Real chicken and without grains is a great way to feed croquettes. Unlock your cat's potential to flourish and add more of the real and pure raw material nutrition into each bowl. Calories per serving are 3,840 kcals per kg; 441 kcals per cup and it contains no live food.

Moreover, it is made without potato, grain, corn, soy, wheat, by-product meal, preservatives or any other artificial color. It is made in USA and suitable for all life stages.

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  • Primary product brand is instinct.
  • It is suitable for all breeds.
  • Cage-free chicken is utilized.
  • It is a freeze-dried food.
  • Made in the USA.


  • More antioxidants for the shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • All natural with natural probiotics.
  • Contains healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • High immune health.
  • Best suitable for all life stages.


  • Freeze-dried foods are more expensive.
  • Availability of some nutritional supplements.

With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this natural dry cat food from Variety Instinct Boost instinct chicken food formula, improves the health and the appearance of your cat's fur. The food combines high protein croquettes with grain-free, nutrient-rich nutrition and lyophilized raw pieces, which help your favorite cat in boosting digestive health.

#3 Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

This cat food can assist your cat to attain a healthy weight using a balanced diet, and it’s made especially for cats having a more sedentary lifestyle. The focus is on the nutrition, which weighty cats must have to stay healthy and intake less calories. These cats gain weight (as the lifestyle lacks activity), they experience problems of hip and joints (due to excessive weight or aging) and tend to eat more (because they do not feel full).

Keeping that in mind, this product is designed to provide lifestyle-specific nutrition for cats having weight problems to live a healthy and happy life. The recipe is made with antioxidants to support a shore up the immune system, dispassionate nutrients for optimal energy and control over minerals for the health of the urinary tract. Content calories are 3,520kcal/kg or 415kcal/cup metabolizable energy.

This food is specifically for over-weighed and aged cats, which tends to experience joint and hip problems. Using this product would make you satisfied as its health effects as outstanding.

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  • Primary wellness brand.
  • Best suitable for adults.
  • No live food.
  • It’s a dry food type.
  • Dimensions are the 8-inch width, 17-inch length, and 8.5-inch height.
  • Weighs 6 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Reduced calorie diet with deboned chicken and whitefish to manage weight.
  • No artificial ingredients and preservatives.
  • Considers lifestyle specific nutrition.
  • Cures hip and joint problems.


  • It is difficult to carry the big bags in which it comes; sometimes it can also tip over.
  • It could damage the teeth of your cats.

Wellness cat food embraces a balanced diet, focused on solutions of meat, grains, and fruits for cats with a more sedentary lifestyle. Wellness has focused on the nutrition that overweight cats need to stay healthy with a lower caloric intake. This cat food helps to reduce the problems of hip and joints for your cat.

#4 AvoDerm Natural Cat Food

AvoDerm Weight Control Recipe with Hairball Relief is explicitly formulated for the urgency of your sedentary cat that should rule out some pounds. Cats often groom themselves, which can lead to an accumulation of hairballs. This formulation gives a helping hand to maintain perfect weight and constraint hairball formations by adding a special mixture of fiber sources in it.

AvoDerm has antioxidant vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support your cat's immune function and is formulated to be rich in high-quality fats and oils with a balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids.

The right nutrients in the right proportions are essential to keep your cat's skin healthy. Sometimes, scarcity or excess of specific nutrients can lead to thin and rough layers. This outstanding cat food can help keep skin and hair from the inside out for the protection your pet needs as it contains only premium and natural ingredients. Feed AvoDerm regularly to maintain the highest level of nutrition for your cat from the inside out.

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  • Contains fiber sources.
  • Dry cat formula.
  • Suitable for adults.
  • Best suitable for less active, indoor cats.
  • Suitable for all breeds.
  • Available in 1.6kg size.


  • Fiber sources for easy digestion of less active cats.
  • With Avocado for the shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Antioxidant nutrients to prop up a healthy immune system.
  • Contains a balanced amount of fats and oil.


  • As it contains dietary fiber so it can sometimes cause irritation, discomfort, and constipation.

This AvoDerm cat food is specifically designed for hairball and weight control of your cat. It contains Avocados for healthy coat and skin. It also comprises of antioxidants and vitamins for the immune system to work properly. No wheat, corn or soybean are included and the major advantages of fiber sources overcome the minor disadvantages of over-taking this product.

#5 Hill's 24-Pack - Diet Adult Chicken and Light Liver

This cat food allows you to pamper your kitty with the pleasant flavor of chicken and liver while aiding her attain a perfect weight. Provides all the necessary nutrients for optimal cat health with a low-calorie, and a low-fat formula to assist in controlling weight. The high amount of fiber controls hunger between meals. Manufacturer’s mission is to help enrich and extend special relationships between people and their pets. More than 200 food scientists, Ph.D. nutritionists, veterinarians, and technicians develop all of Hill's pet foods to meet the needs of your pets.

They only agree to receive ingredients from suppliers whose provision, facilities, and means meet the stringent quality standards. Not only they examine each ingredient to make sure its protection, but also analyze the ingredients profile of each product in search of essential nutrients to ensure that your cat gets the strict and exact formulation she needs.

Hill’s brand uses only top-notch quality ingredients like lamb, salmon proteins or real chicken. Their dry pet foods gives proven antioxidant advantages and embrace quality protein as the main ingredient. In addition, natural ingredients are used to prepare this cat food (more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) and does not include any artificial flavors, chicken by-product flour, preservatives, or colors. 

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  • Hill’s science diet brand.
  • Chicken is the main ingredient.
  • It is a wet food form.
  • Minced food texture.
  • Height: 313 x Length: 1400 x Weight: 826 x Width: 1044
  • Made in United States.


  • Minimize calories and lends a helping hand to maintain weight.
  • Natural fibers are present in high amounts, which help control hunger.
  • Low fat, low- calorie formula
  • Good taste and a fine mixture of high-quality ingredients.


  • If taken in high amounts, it can cause discomfort and constipation.
  • Packaging can cost more than usual.

The mouth-watering taste of salty chicken and liver is sure to please your cat. It comprises of major nutrients, which lend a healthy hand in maintaining weight and fibers for controlling hunger. It contains elements such as taurine, which aids maintain vision. A wholesome and balanced diet suggested for adult cats one to six years of age.


Once you have decided that your cat should be an indoor-only pet, you should first have to reconsider the choice of the food your cat will be having as an inactive lifestyle combined with free feeding that could lead to obesity.

All of the cat foods mentioned above are best suitable for your indoor cat as these all contain reduced calorie content, reduced carbohydrate content and enough protein to support your cat’s lean muscle mass. However, in the course of options, Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food would be the best choice for your cat because of the certain outstanding features and ingredients. It’s a cold-formed, which means it is exposed to a minimized amount of heat during the manufacturing process.

Other key benefits are that its indoor recipe begins with protein-rich chicken as the primary ingredient to get healthy muscle growth. It is packed with amino acids, omegas, and a perfect mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for the overall well-being. Moreover, it entails taurine, to support eye and heart health. Last but not the least, it is made with zero chicken or poultry by-products for kitties with food sensitivities or allergies.

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