Best Clarifying Shampoo For Natural Hair Reviewed

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Looking for a solution that can help you get rid of all that excess oil and greasy look? Well, you have come to the right place. Clarifying shampoos are excellent is removing all kinds of buildups on the hair and scalp. They strip away the oil and add shine and radiance to your hair. Your hair will come back to life with a huge volume and a head-turning radiance. Want to try it out? Here is a list of our top five best clarifying shampoo for natural hair:

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#1 Maple Holistics Shampoo for Oily Hair & Oily Scalp

When your brilliant shine turns into a greasy mess, the Maple Holistics can help you absorb all that oil up and purify your greasy scalp. Beautiful hair starts with a clean and clear scalp. The shampoo contains essential oils such as Cypress Oil, Lemon Oil, Rosemary Oil and Basil Oil. Other ingredients include Botanical Keratin, Jojoba Oil, and Peach Kernel Oil. These powerful oils clean hair follicles as well as lift your roots up for an amazingly bouncy texture with loads of volume. The keratin therapy is effective and brings out the natural radiance of your hair. Apart from that, the clarifying treatment is effective in restoring a healthy amount of sebum and balance the pH of your scalp and hair.

The oil control shampoo clears away all dirt, grease, and dead skin. In addition to being the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair, the Maple Degrease Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair and ages. Men and women of all ages regardless of whether they have straight or curly hair can use these. The Maple comes in two different sizes that are 8 and 16 oz. The cherry on the cake is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee in case of unsatisfaction.

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  • The Maple is available in two sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz.
  • It contains natural oils such as Rosemary, Lemon, Cypress, Basil, Jojoba, and Peach Kernel Oil.
  • The shampoo is paraben, silicone, and sulfate free.
  • The Maple is perfect for absorbing oils and restores a healthy sebum and pH.
  • It makes for an effective dandruff treatment as well.


  • It is made from all natural ingredients.
  • The Maple lifts up the roots as well resulting in luscious volume.
  • It alleviates any itchiness caused by germs.
  • Work as an effective hair loss shampoo as well.
  • It is suitable for all ages and all types of hair.


  • It might be a bit too drying on the scalp.

The Maple Holistics Degrease Shampoo is for all hair types and for all ages. It works as an effective solution for hair loss as well. Try the Maple now for dandruff, itch and grease free look due to its all-natural ingredients!

#2 Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo

The Suave Naturals’daily clarifying shampoo is the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair as it enhances your hair's natural beauty by removing all grease from the scalp. It contains Tocopheryl Acetate as the main active ingredient, which is derived from plants, fruits, seeds roots etcetera. The Tocopheryl is an antioxidant, skin-conditioning agent which conditions and cleanses your scalp to get rid of all the dirt and grease. The Suave is blessed with different types of fresh fragrances such as Aloe Waterlily, Everlasting Sunshine, and Strawberry that tends to linger after washing your hair. You can choose and experiment with the fragrances that will definitely leave some heads turning!

This shampoo is designed for all hair and scalp types. The shampoo is very light and does not weigh the hair down leaving it looking limp and lifeless. Instead, it lifts it up for an amazing bounce. It does not leave any type of film or residue on the hair either. It is recommended to use it with a Clarifying conditioner for the best results. When used with the conditioner, this shampoo can provide 2 times more moisture to your hair. The Suave is available in a bottle of 12 fluid ounces. Simply grab it, pour it, and clarify your scalp for a luscious mane of hair!

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  • The Suave comes in a size of 12 fluid ounces.
  • It is available in a number of fragrances.
  • The shampoo deep cleanses your scalp and removes all sorts of toxins.
  • It is an effective dandruff treatment as well.
  • It contains Tocopheryl Acetate, a natural ingredient derived from plants, roots, seeds et cetera.


  • The product enhances your hair’s natural beauty and shine.
  • It is suitable for all hair types and all members of the family.
  • The shampoo has a very fresh fragrance.
  • It moisturizes your scalp while stripping away all oil.
  • It does not weigh hair down or leave a film on it.


  • The fragrance can trigger allergies for allergic folks.

The Suave Naturals’ daily clarifying shampoo is perfect for deep cleansing the scalp and stripping it of all oils, leaving shiny and luscious hair. The all-natural products ensure your hair is not damaged in the process. The fragrances are to die for! They will leave your hair smelling fresh!

#3 Beauty and the Bees Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo Bar

The Beauty and the Bees Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo Bar is a one of a kind shampoo which is derived from Tasmania’s apples. The shampoo is actually a super concentrated all natural solid shampoo bar. This shampoo bar is equivalent to two liquid shampoo bottles, which makes it perfect for traveling. The bar is free of SLS and other chemicals. The apple cider vinegar acts as an active ingredient and encourages healthy hair growth. It helps retain moisture to avoid split ends. In addition, it contains naturally occurring vitamins and other minerals that can help to restore the acid balance between the scalp and the skin. They improve your skin texture as well as moisturize it.

Also included in the bar are marigold, horsetail, and nettle concentrated herbs extracts. When combined together they help to soothe dry, flaking or a sore scalp. Apart from that, they stimulate healthy hair growth and improve texture as well as add a bit of shine. The bar acts as a dandruff solution as well preventing dry and itchy scalp. The bar weighs about 115 gms and leaves a fragrance like a hint of lavender. Although the shampoo bar might be unconventional, it certainly lives up to its expectations!

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  • The shampoo bar weighs 115 gm.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar acts as the main ingredient to improve hair growth.
  • Other ingredients include nettle, marigold and horsetail herbs extracts.
  • It improves texture, promotes healthy hair growth, and clarifies the scalp.
  • It can act as an effective solution to dandruff.


  • The shampoo balances pH and thus stimulates better circulation.
  • It helps prevent split ends.
  • The shampoo bar is travel-friendly.
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • The ingredients are all natural and chemical free.


  • The hair might feel a bit waxy.

The Beauty and Bees Shampoo Bar are a one of a kind product that lathers up nicely and is travel-friendly. The all-natural ingredients leave the hair shiny, bouncy and moisturized. It controls dandruff and effectively promotes healthy hair growth, which is why it is on our list of best-clarifying shampoo for natural hair.

#4 Hask Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo

The Hask Clarifying Shampoo finds itself in the list of the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair. The main active ingredient Charcoal is the major champion here! The charcoal is exclusively procured from coconut shells all the way from the Philippines. It is then combined with grapefruit and lemon oil to cleanse and clarify the scalp. The ingredients used are all natural ingredients, which gently clarify all types of build up and products without leaving the scalp dry and dull. The charcoal here acts like a magnet and removes all sorts of toxins from the hair. It retains the natural nutrients of your hair so it maintains the natural luminous look.

The shampoo is available in a 12 fluid ounces bottle. It eliminates all impurities and moisturizes the scalp. Apart from that, it absorbs all types of unwanted oil and grease and adds moisture and shine all the while. It is safe to use on all types of hair whether they are curly, frizzy or straight. It is excellent for color treated hair as well as it does not pull out the hair like many other clarifying shampoos. Instead, it adds more radiance to the hair. The shampoo is free of parabens, gluten, sulfates, phthalates, and drying alcohol.

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  • The shampoo is available in a 12 fluid ounces bottle.
  • The main ingredient is charcoal derived from coconut shells.
  • Other ingredients include lemon and grapefruit oils.
  • It is free of sulfates, paraben, phthalates, gluten and drying alcohol.
  • It washes away all buildup for smoother, shinier hair.


  • The product restores the hair back to its natural radiance.
  • It is perfect for all hair types.
  • The shampoo is gentle enough for color-treated hair.
  • It adds moisture and shine to the hair.
  • The product is free from all sorts of chemicals.


  • It can dry out the hair.

The Hask Charcoal clarifying shampoo can be your savior from greasy limp looking hair. Add mounds of volume to your hairdo by using this miraculous charcoal shampoo! It is free from all chemicals and is perfect for all hair types.

#5 ORIBE Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo

The award-winning Oribe Cleanse, the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair, comes jam-packed with a host of ingredients all designed to help your scalp nourish and purify it. It removes all types of buildups including chlorine. The shampoo will leave your hair restored glowing from within. The Clarifying shampoo contains the Signature Oribe Complex i.e. Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower extracts, which protect the hair from photoaging, oxidative, stress and restores the natural keratin of your hair. The shampoo's main active clarifying ingredient is the volcanic ash, which exfoliates the hair from root to tip and removes all kinds of oils, dirt, grease, and product buildup. It does so while retaining the natural oils of your hair to provide you with ultra clean shiny hair.

Also included is a Sea Kelp extract, which purifies the scalp and deep cleans the pores. The Papaya Extracts contain enzymes and minerals that smooth down the hair cuticles leaving them looking healthy. The Green Tea Extract strengthens hair and protects from any further damage while the Eucalyptus extracts invigorate the scalp. This shampoo is available in a 12 fluid ounces bottle in the form of an aerosol mousse, which helps lift up the roots and is light on the hair.

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  • It is available in a 12 fl. Oz. Bottle.
  • The shampoo contains Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss extracts as well as Volcanic Ash, Sea Kelp extract, green tea extract, and eucalyptus.
  • The shampoo is in the form of an aerosol mousse.
  • It purifies the hair and scalp while protecting it from any drying or damaging.


  • The shampoo is perfect for all hair types.
  • It polishes away dirt, grease, oil and dead skin.
  • Suitable for color treated hair.
  • Removes buildup from hard water and chlorine.
  • It can prep the hair for treatments.


  • The smell might be bad for some users.

The Oribe Cleansing Shampoo utilizes a wide host of different ingredients that help purify the scalp and prevent any further damage to the hair. It is the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair as it is suitable for all types of natural hair and aids remove buildup from chlorine and hard water.


Using any one of these shampoos will leave your hair looking model-esque. However, we found that one shampoo stood out against all others. This shampoo did not just strip away all natural oils; it added other essential oils to the hair as well to prevent dull, lifeless looking hair. It lifted up the roots so you do not end up with limp hair; rather you get a gull luscious mane. This shampoo effectively treated dandruff as well. You guessed it! The Maple Holistics won the competition fair and square. It is the best clarifying shampoo for natural hair that contains all natural ingredients and it is your best bet against oil and sebum!

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