What is Bulking and Cutting?

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Before anything else is said, we at Fitness Geko would like to wish you all a Happy New Years 2018. This post is a New Year’s special feature in which we’ll bring to your awareness a diet and exercise regime practiced by most fitness fanatics around the world.

Many times you may have seen a bodybuilder or a fitness model on your TV screen, on some video on the internet, or on a billboard while you’re driving home from work. Don’t those men look elegantly ripped and as prime examples of masculinity? Sometimes they look so good that you even begin to feel bad and insecure about the somewhat flabby fat hanging from your own body. Studies have shown that a significant portion of males feel shy about their own bodies and usually believe that they themselves lack what it takes to grow a fully toned body of their own. Fortunately, if you’re a reader of Fitness Geko, you will soon realize that there is a whole science behind how these musclemen and fitness models hone their own muscular physiques. They follow certain nutritional rules aided by rigorous workout which are the reason why they are so physically fit. The technique they use is called bulking and cutting.

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One of the biggest misconception people have about muscular bodies are that they suspect that gaining muscle mass and keeping a lean body fat is something that is done concurrently and at the same time. But that is wrong, as a muscular body is shaped gradually in time by a process known as bulking and cutting. The process itself takes years and may also depend on the personal workout and diet of the individual concerned.

Bulking itself is a term used to describe the phase of muscle growth. In order to bulk up, a person is supposed to consume more calories than they burn. This is called a caloric surplus as this means that the extra calories go into creating muscle mass as you work out. These surplus calories also aid you in picking up heavy weights and completing tougher exercises. A person who is bulking has to be careful and needs to keep a balanced diet and workout regime since any carelessness or lack of focus would only add extra fat to their body. Fitness buffs usually follow a rigid plan devised by their physicians and also use the assistance of trainers in order to accurately reach their fitness goals.


Once the bulking process is complete, the next phase is the cutting phase. Here, the role is reversed as the individual must now consume less calories than he burns. This part is called the caloric deficit as here, the extra unwanted fat is shed off and the layer of muscles are revealed underneath. The process of cutting is pretty straightforward as it means a person has to eat less and exercise more, but care must be taken that they consume an adequate amount of protein such as beef, fish, chicken, egg whites, etc. as it is protein that strengthens our muscle fibers enough to the point that it gives them extra energy to keep working out with needing less calories. People who are cutting usually do weight training and High intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in order to swiftly cut down on surplus fat from their bodies.


Most reputed athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders have used the bulking and cutting technique to achieve their desired body types. However, it is very important for us to warn you that before you randomly go out there and start doing the same, it is STRONGLY suggested that you visit a nutritionist, and physician first and get a thorough and complete reading from them about your weight, BMI, and required diet. Because bulking/cutting is a process that requires a strict and monitored tracking of clean calories that you consume as well as a rigid workout regime in order to get optimum results.

Since working out is 50% of the job when it comes to crafting your ideal body, you will need to train different areas of your body and muscles in order to enhance your training. For that you can use the help of treadmills, exercise bikes, home gyms, and a wide assortment of other fitness equipment to get faster results. If regularly visiting a gym is something you do not get enough time for then we suggest you look at the fitness equipment listed on our site and choose for your own home the machine that will suit you best.

Once again we wish you more power for 2018 with the hope that this year will be the one where you take a step closer to how you have always wanted to look. We believe in you.


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