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Powerfit Elite Review

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Just like how tech companies every year come with newer innovations and market-changing technologies, many brands in the fitness industry have also been getting onboard by creating revolutionary new machines that make working out a more accessible and efficient process. The PowerFit Elite is one such fitness machine.

This interesting machine utilizes vibrating plates that help engage every muscle in the body for a total body workout. There are claims and tests have been carried out suggesting the possibility that vibrating plates work better at burning fat faster and causing weight-loss. This is because the highly charged oscillations made by the plate’s vibration increase kinetic energy in the body which spur all your muscles into action at the same time.

A 15-minute workout session with a vibrating plate will produce almost the same results as a 30 minute cardio workout. And what’s more, each Powerfit Elite unit also come two resistant straps attached to the front of its base that also allow for different sets of upper body workouts.
If you want to burn fat and tone your muscles in a safe and effective manner in the comfort of your own room, then the PowerFit Elite is a machine that deserves your consideration.


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Powerfit Elite Dimensions and Construction

The standard version of Powerfit Elite is a relatively small machine that is almost as tall as a weighing scale but that is what makes it so compact and versatile. The length of the platform runs for 24”, with a width of 15”, and it has a step-up height of only 4.7”.  The weight capacity on the standard model is 220 lbs which will cater to majority users but won’t be for more overweight people.

However, the brand has also manufactured an XL model which comes at dimensions of 24” x 15” x 4.7” of length, width, and height while also being able to support weights for up to 330lbs.

With that said, both versions are ideal for small spaces such as apartments as the compact size will allow you to engage in total body workouts without having to sacrifice too much space in the room. Because it is so small, it is really easy to move the unit to the store or just slip it under the bed when not in use. Transport wheels beneath the platform allow for ease in moving the unit around.

Powerfit Elite Features

Now let us get to the nitty gritty details of the Powerfit Elite. When you step onto the unit you will find the plate supports multi-directional movements that allow you to simulate different cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, and running. The vibration plate is designed in such a way that the center has slower oscillation movement while the edges have the fastest. So, if your feet are placed closer to each other, the vibrations will simulate walking. Place them a little further apart and you’ll be simulating jogging. And when you place them at max distance then your body will feel the results of a running session. This will cause muscle confusion and force your muscles to stabilize itself and work hard at maintaining balance. The entire success of the Powerfit Elite revolves around this simple idea.

To increase or decrease the intensity of each workout, the Powerfit Elite has controls that allow you to choose the speed level between 1-99. With each incremental increase in speed, the plate will move faster thus burning more calories in the process. Use the variable speed settings in combination of your movements and you will be hitting a wide variety of different muscles in each workout. The speed can either be altered with the help of buttons on the unit, or it could also be changed with the help of a remote control that comes in the packing.

To add icing to the cake, each Powerfit Unit also has arm resistance bands that are attached to the base of the platform with clips. Using these arm resistance bands you can engage in a wide variety of upper body workouts for muscle toning and strengthening routines. One complaint that I have with these resistance bands are that they don’t have a lot of tension and give very minimal resistance. So don’t expect big biceps while pulling at these bands. The resistance bands do, however, add extra flavor to your workouts by allowing you to engage in exercises such as bicep burls, cross pulls, lateral pulls, and many more.

In the box you’ll also find a workout guide that details on the different kinds of exercises you can do on the Powerfit Elite. Add that with the healthy eating plan provided alongside and you will have an entire exercise regime to keep you focused.

Powerfit Elite Warranty

Surprisingly, the Powerfit Elite does not come with a warranty which is a letdown and doesn’t work in the brand’s favor. However, in case of any damage or defect in device, you can always contact Powerfit’s customer support team who undoubtedly have a system prepared to deal with repairs and returns.

So with all that set aside, let us now entertain the Powerfit Elite’s pros and cons:


  • Compact design and easy to store
  • 99 speeds and 3 workout levels add diversity to workouts
  • Arm resistance bands for upper body workouts
  • Machine is robust and durable
  • Low impact, fat-burning exercises


  • Weight capacity of 220 lbs is too low for standard model
  • Resistance bands lack tension
  • No warranty

Powerfit Elite Review: Verdict

If you’re a workout buff looking to make muscle gains or lose weight equivalent to that of an intense cardio workout session, then don’t expect too much from the PowerFit Elite. This is simply a useful home machine that allows you to stay fit and toned in your own home. If you are someone who is always working and unable to cram exercise into your daily routine then having a PowerFit Elite unit lying around the house will always make it possible to get up and moving every time. This machine is suitable for basic muscle toning and total body workouts. Its simple design, speed levels, and compact size are what makes the Powerfit Elite a worthwhile machine for your fitness goals.

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