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Looking for something to challenge your mundane workout routine? Grab a TRX and scroll down to get started. Designed by a former U.S Navy SEAL the TRX pits you against yourself to challenge all limits. The simplicity and effectiveness of the equipment will leave you wondering if those dumbbells were a good buy – don’t worry, they are but you won’t be seeing them as much.

The TRX will keep a part of your body suspended throughout many different exercises. Ultimately you are performing exercises that you’re acquainted with but with the added instability. Since a part of you is floating off of the floor it really channels all your stabilizer muscles, core and back to help retain a good, clean form.

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Portable and weighing next to nothing take your workout with you anytime, anywhere. All you need is motivation and a point of anchor – make sure it can handle the weight.  Below are a few of the numerous exercises that can be performed with the TRX.

Ready to get stronger? Let’s start!

1.  Atomic Pushup

Aims: Chest, shoulders, abs, and arms

Level: Advanced

How you can perform it: Secure your feet into the straps and hold the plank. Lower your body as you would for a pushup. When you press up simultaneously bring both your knees towards your chest. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and return to plank. Too challenging? Start by performing normal push-ups on the TRX and work your way up to eventually doing an atomic push-up.

2. Three Way Row

Aims: Back, abs, shoulders, and biceps

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: Grasp both handles. Lean back till your body is at 45-degree angle on the floor. Make sure that your weight is on your heels and arms are straight. Slowly raise yourself up, elbows bending and your body in a straight line, lower and repeat. The three-way row changes how you grip the handles while performing the motion. Start with palms facing each other followed by palms facing downwards and finally upwards.

3. Triceps Extension

Aims: Triceps

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it:   Facing away from the anchor, lean forward while grasping both handles. Make sure the weight is on the balls of your feet and arms are shoulder width apart. With an overhand grip lean in allowing your elbows to bend and your hands to go behind your head. At this moment your triceps will be caught by surprise. Push the handles away from yourself while engaging your core, lower back and arms to lift you up.

4.  Biceps Curl

Aims: Arms and abs

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: In front of the anchor point grab both handles, palms facing upwards. Sink back making sure your back and legs are in a straight line. Engaging your core and arms curl yourself towards the standing position and repeat.

5. Clock Press

Aims: Abs, shoulders, back, and biceps

Level: Advanced

How you can perform it: This is guaranteed to light your torso on fire. Grab both handles with the elbows close to your body. Lean forward with your torso and legs in line and your weight on your toes. Allow the elbows to bend and keep them close to your sides. But wait there’s more. Keeping your left arm firm and stationary reached to your side with the right arm – extending it to the wrist, elbow and shoulder line up.  Shoulders and back struggling to maintain the form. Return to center and reverse. Continue as you want.

6.  Lower Body

  1. Lunge

Aims: Legs and abs

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: The added strain on your stabilizers will leave you huffing and puffing while performing lunges. To start anchor one of your feet to the TRX, with the other firmly planted in front. Lower yourself while extending the anchored leg back and allowing the leg in front to bend at the knee. Press into the front leg to push up, away from the ground and return to the starting position. Switch feet and repeat.

7.  Squat

Aims: Quads, abs, glutes, and hamstrings

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: A staple for any workout plan, squats are amazing at improving cardiovascular health, building strength and burning fat. Hold both the handles in your hands at waist level. Keeping the torso upright, push the butt back and lower into a squat. As you lower straighten your arms and as you push back to allow the arms to come to your sides before returning to the starting position. Happy squatting!

8. Hamstring Curl

Aims: Hamstrings, thighs, and glutes

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: Start by lying on the floor, chest facing the ceiling. Secure both feet to the straps. Engaging your core, line yourself up straight – hips will be off the floor. Now pull the heels towards the hip in a controlled motion – no jerks as they’ll put excessive pressure on your lower back. Push the heels back and keep on going.

9.  Lateral Lunge

Aims: Hamstrings, glutes, quads, and adductors

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: Holding both handles with your elbows bent, arms at waist height with you in front of the anchor. The right foot fixed, take a large footstep to the left allowing the left leg to bend at the knee with the right leg straight. Return to the starting position and repeat.

10.  Reverse Mountain climbers

Aims: Arms, abs, hips, quads, and hamstrings.

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: Even though the triceps will get a scorching workout, these are in no way a vacation from mountain climbers. Reverse mountain climbers will have you out of breath, with every rep a challenge for your arms and abs. Start by placing your feet into the straps in a reverse plank, keeping your back straight and arms defiantly anchored into the floor bringing your entire body off the ground and draw your right knee towards your chest, push back and repeat on the other side. If this feels too intense just flip over to do normal mountain climbers – which will not be a walk in the park either.

11.  Glute bridge

Aims: Hamstrings, Glutes

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: Strap your feet into the TRX with your back against the floor. Your thighs should be perpendicular to the floor and the calves parallel. Push into your feet while raising the butt of the floor in a smooth fluid motion. Complete one rep by starting with your back on the floor, raising it and then finally lowering it.

12.  Single leg Squat

Aims: abs, legs, shoulders, and butt

Level: Advanced

How you can perform it: Also referred to as the Pistol squat this move can be used as the ultimate bragging right when it comes to lower body strength. This move is an excellent judge of strength and performing it requires more balance than skill. Start by holding the TRX in both hands at waist level. Take your right foot off the floor – a few inches. Now proceed to squat down, straightening out the arms and ensuring that the right foot does not touch the floor. As you press up you can use the straps to pull yourself up, if the leg can’t take it but still making sure not to let the right foot touch the ground.

13.  Spiderman Push-up

Aims: Chest, triceps, shoulders, lower back, and abs

Level: Advanced

How you can perform it: Begin by holding a plank with your feet strapped up. As you begin lowering yourself bring the right knee forward like you’re going to touch your right elbow and as you press up to return the leg to plank. Repeat on the other side. This move is guaranteed to make you sweat. Just when you thought push-ups were bad enough.

14.  Squat and Row

Aims: Hamstrings, Glutes, quads and upper back

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: The combination of a squat and row creates a wonderful and effective compound movement that triggers a response from all the muscles while emphasizing the back and legs. Position yourself for a squat and as you squat down to use the arms to pull yourself forward and up while pressing down through the legs as well.

15.  Suspended Plank

Aims: Abs, obliques, and shoulders

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: the TRX planks can help you build up strong muscle fibers especially when the added instability will make you push just a little harder every single time. Performing them is very straight forward and simple. Begin with your feet strapped in, lying down on your belly. Place the hands underneath the shoulders and press up. Bring your body completely off the floor and straighten your back like an ironing board. Hold for a few seconds, release and repeat.

16.  Torso rotation

Aims: Abs and obliques

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: If you want a well-rounded strong core or your core to have the strength of a pillar this is the exercise. Stand facing the anchor with both straps in your hands and legs slightly wider than hip distance. Lean back till the straps is taut and begin pulling your body up. When you pull yourself up keep the arms straight and turn your torso towards the right. Come back to the starting position and repeat using the other side.

17.  Side Plank

Aims: Oblique

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: Give those love handles a rude awakening by adding this exercise on your abs regiment. Start with your feet strapped into the TRX, arms under the shoulders. With your left forearm resting on the mat raise your right arm till it lines up with both shoulders. Remember to keep breathing uniformly as it helps to maintain the form. Twist back to start and repeat on the other side.

18.  Atomic Pike

Aims: Abs and Shoulders

Level: Intermediate

How you can perform it: Planks don’t seem to go away but get more and more challenging. Well, the pain will be worth the effort. Start by positioning yourself into a plank with the feet suspended. With the core tight, arms and legs straight push your butt towards the roof till you from an inverted v. Lower and lift for a truly killer shoulder workout.

19.  Curl and Crunch

Aims: Abs and biceps

Level: Beginner

How you can perform it: Lie down on the floor holding the TRX’s straps with the arms straight. Bend your knees and bring your feet closer to your hips the same way we would for a crunch. Now begin by crunching up and at the same time curling your arms. Lower yourself back down and repeat.

Wrap up

We have discussed many exercises you can perform using the TRX training kit. These can be used to create your own personalized workout or add something new to your resistance training. If you don’t have the kit you can choose from a range of the TRX training kit.

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