Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Folding Treadmill Review

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Sunny Health & Fitness is a well acknowledged brand that specializes in exercise equipment. Most of their machines are manufactured in China and have known to be consistent in quality and guarantee longevity. With the T7613 model, Sunny Health & Fitness have come up with an upgrade on the T7614 model which itself was manual and came with its own limitations. In this article, we’ll explore if the price tag of the T7613 is justified enough to warrant that it be bought instead of a T7614.

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The Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Easy Assembly Motorized Folding Treadmill has dimensions that measure up to 52.5 x 26 x 47.5 inches of length, width, and height respectively. When folded up, the machine measures up to 18 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 50.5 inches in height. The treadmill is based on the space-saver design which means that it can fold down easily and slide effortlessly thanks to the transportation wheels attached to the bottom making it convenient to move the treadmill from one place to the next. When it folds flat, you can easily slide it under a bed or dresser and pull it out for later use. The running belt measures at 39.4“ x 14.2“ which is barely any longer and wider than the T7614 model. The surface also proves to be narrow for people who are taller than 6 feet and have a large running action. It is however equipped with a shock absorption system which allows the surface of the belt to absorb the force of your strides while at the same time ensuring your tendons and joints do not get sore from the intensity of the workout.


The Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Easy Assembly Motorized Folding Treadmill is equipped with a motor of 1.0 HP which allows the belt to run at speeds ranging between 0.5 to 5 mph; a speed which is far too slow to withhold any running and is thus best for brisk walking at most. It comes preinstalled with a multi-function LCD display that can calculate elapsed time, total speed, covered distance, and number of calories burned. The display can be configured to keep repeating the readings so you can know the exact process of your workout session. The handrails of the machine are equipped with Pulse-rate monitoring grips that allow the treadmill to track the pulse and relay the information so that when you see the display, you’ll know the rate of your heartbeat. It also comes with a safety clip that can be attached to your clothes. If ever, for some reason, you find yourself incapable of turning off the machine, all you have to do is unplug the safety clip and the treadmill will gently come to a stop. This ensures you remain protected as you work out from any unwanted stumbling.


The Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Easy Assembly Motorized Folding is made of solid steel construction and weighs 68 pounds. It can support weights up to 200 lbs which is bafflingly low not only because the inferior T7614 manual model supports 220 lbs but also because almost all other treadmills that cost as much or lower than the T7613 have higher weight capacity. This is one massive downside to the treadmill.

The Sunny Health & Fitness T7614 Magnetic Treadmill does not include any adjustable incline but in fact comes with a fixed incline angle of 9 degrees which is roughly around a percentage of 7.80%. This aspect of the machine has both its good aspects and the bad. The good side is that with the incline, the intensity of your workout will be tougher as compared to working on a treadmill that is at surface level. On the other hand, there will be days where you’ll crave for an easier and less challenging workout but the rigidity of the incline will not allow you to make any adjustments. So know beforehand what you prioritize before you buy this machine.


  • Space-saving fold design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Shock absorption surface


  • The running belt is too short and narrow
  • The display has tendency to give inaccurate readings
  • The quality of the machine is questionable


Honestly speaking, the price of the T7613 does not at all justify its lack of features and glaring shortcomings. Nothing in this machine stands out. The quality is questionable and there have been occasions where the display will give wrong readings that are completely divorced from the exact calories you’ve burned in a certain distance. It even has an appallingly low weight capacity of 200 pounds and it is doubtful if the machine will be able to sustain anyone whose weight approaches closer to 180 lbs. We did not like the T7613 model a lot and instead recommend that if you’re going to waste so much cash on a questionable machine such as this, you might as well go for an ANCHEER S8400 Electric Treadmill, or the much superior Sunny Health & Fitness T7614 Adjustable Tension Magnetic Treadmill.

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Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Folding Treadmill Review

Accessibility - 5.6
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If walking and light running is your jig then this treadmill is for you

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