Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Review

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After the overwhelming popularity of the ME8705 model in the market, Merax has returned by recently releasing its newest top of the line entry-level treadmill with the Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill. This treadmill is currently one of the cheapest ones you will find on Amazon which comes at a steal of Check Price - $$. But first we must delve into the specifics of this piece of machinery. When assembled, the treadmill measures up to 25 x 45 x 58 inches. When folded, it will measure around 25 x 25 x 51 which means you can easily put it back under your bed or some other storage space once you are done using the machine for your workout programme. The Merax Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill weighs 70 pounds which makes it heavier than most other entry-level treadmills and it can support a person who weighs up to 220 pounds, at least 30 pounds less than most other of its contemporaries.

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It must be stated however that the Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill comes with a motor that has a peak performance power of 500 Watts and can cause the conveyer belt to go on a range between the speeds of 1 KM/H for a slow walk to 10 KM/H of moderate level running. The motor surprisingly makes very little noise and affirms that you can freely do your treadmill work-out without your house/apartment members complaining about it being too noisy.

The LCD is a multi-functional display which can track progress in speed, distance, heart-rate, and calories burned. It also comes with 3 pre-installed workout programs that can border from low intensity workout programs to high intensity workout programs. All 3 workout programs have been configured based on the workout regimes assigned by personal trainers. The treadmill also comes with 3 inclination options which means that you can easily walk or jog on a level surface yet can also increase the slop in two further angles in order to increase the intensity and difficulty level of the workout. But the configuration of the slops is not linked to the control panel and so you will have to get off the treadmill and manually adjust the angle of inclination every time the situation calls upon you to do so.

The treadmill also has a safety key which automatically shuts off the treadmill whenever the key is disconnected. This ensures that if in case the treadmill doesn’t turn off by the button (a hypothetical situation that we are only considering for the sake of caution), you can pluck out the safety key and lo behold the treadmill will come to a gradual stop. You can therefore safely practice your workout without fear of being imbalanced or tripping over. You can also hold on to the foam coated and double grip handlebars for extra balance.
The running track measures up to 14 x 44 inches which might prove to be a little short for those who have longer running strides which means that the treadmill is best used for brisk walks and light jogging. The running track however is also cushioned which means that there will be less stress on your knee and ankle joints, which in turn would help your muscles fastly recuperate themselves after a workout.


  • check
    Very cheap and almost provides all the features of a high end treadmill.
  • check
    Moderately powerful motor that isn’t noisy.
  • check
    Safety key available
  • check
    3 incline settings
  • check
    Easy to assemble
  • check
    Handlebar controls
  • check
    Compact and foldable with space-save design


  • times-rectangle
    Short running track
  • times-rectangle
    Treadmill can support 220 pounds only
  • times-rectangle
    Motor is 500 Watts which doesn’t make it powerful enough to generate greater speeds for running and higher intensity training workouts.


The Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill provides a vast variety of features and is pretty versatile and accessible as a an entry-level treadmill. This is best for home use when you cannot visit the gym due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, it provides good enough features for its price tag. If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this to you all out there, my answer would be a big, resounding ‘YES!’

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Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Review

Accessibility - 7.5
Build Quality - 7.3
Comfort - 6.8
Design - 7.5


Regardless of its small motor, the incline options and handlebar controls add extra flavor to this decent treadmill. A really versatile machine that you can put your trust in.

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