Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill Review

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On Amazon, the Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill comes in at a budget friendly price making it one of the lower-end treadmills for newbie exercisers or those looking to stock up their own rooms with a moderately good quality treadmill. 

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The sleek black treadmill has steel construction and weighs 113 pounds. It also has dimensions measuring towards 67.3 x 33.1 x 11.4 inches The Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill has a surprisingly large running surface of 18 x 44 inches. It is stocked with a 4.5 inch LCD which can track every reading ranging from speed, distance covered, total time, amount of calories burned, and heart-rate. The treadmill is stocked with 12 preset programmes that are built to conform to your personal workout needs, ranging from mellow relatively easier workouts to full blown cardio and higher intensity training. The Intrepid also has a motor that runs at 1.5 HP which means that the treadmill can go up to the range of 10 M/H, all of which can be seen in the readings displayed on the LCD. After the workout, the Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill is capable of being folded and with the help of wheels at the bottom of its base, can easily be transported away to the storage to be used again later.

The Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill also comes with two manually adjustable incline positions that can aid well in helping you set the intensity of your runs by inclining the running surface from 10 degrees up to 15 degrees.
Its running surface comes with cushion deck technology which as the name suggests cushions the force of your strides, absorbs their impact, and as a result goes easier on your knee and ankle joints which leads to faster recuperation of tired and sore muscles.
The treadmill can support weights up to 250 pounds.


  • Low budget treadmill
  • Easy to assemble (one person can take up to thirty minutes)
  • Larger running surface
  • LCD display with two cup holders and built-in reading rack
  • Space-saving design
  • Cushion deck technology that ensures full impact absorption and less impact on joints
  • 12 preset workout programmes


  • 10 M/H speed means that the treadmill at most can not be used for very high intensity trainings.
  • Manual adjustment of incline means that you’ll have to get off the treadmill and manually set the angle of incline.


It costs little, it has a well-to-do motor (keeping in mind its price) and comes with a wide variety of features that can also be found on high budget and very expensive treadmills. The Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill is sleek, stylish, compact, foldable, diverse in features, and more than makes up for the money that you’ll dish out for it. The treadmill is best suited for rooms and home gyms. This product is recommended for both new and experienced exercise enthusiasts looking to build a gym in their homes.

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Intrepid i300 Electric Treadmill Review

Accessibility - 8.6
Build Quality - 7.7
Comfort - 8.1
Design - 8.5


With a motor that runs the treadmill, a wide console that makes secondary tasks easier, and 12 workout programs, the Intrepid provides a great deal for its minute price.

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