Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill Review

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The Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill leans towards the more pricey side of things if you’re looking for an entry-level treadmill. The Goplus has two other siblings namely the 800W model and the 1100W model which are priced significantly lower than this specific model. But the Goplus 1000W comes with a flurry of cool and unique features that makes it a more versatile machine in contrast to its fellow models. It is also one of the more acclaimed treadmills on Amazon, making it an interesting option for buyers who would like to purchase this model for their homes. In this article, we will explore just what exactly makes this certain treadmill such a darling for consumers.

G 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill
G 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill
G 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill
G 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill


The Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill has assembled dimensions of 59 x 47.5 x 26.7 inches in length, width, and height respectively. The machine is specifically marketed as being compact and following a safe-space design which means that it can easily be fitted in your room and office without occupying too much area. It can also be folded and built-in wheels at its base signify that you can transport the treadmill to another location once it is done being used. When folded, the Goplus Electric Treadmill 1000W has the dimensions of 37.4 x 57.9 x 26.8inches.
The running belt is 17.5 inches wide while the overall width of the surface is 22 inches, making it pretty wide for those users who use bigger strides and consequently have a larger running action.


The control panel of the Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill comes with a wide array of features which is exactly why it is more expensive in contrast to its other contemporaries. It comes with an LCD display that is capable of measuring total speed, elapsed time, distance covered, amount of calories burned, and your heart rate. One of its more flashier features is that it supports MP3 and has a 3.5mm support for USB where you can easily plug it into the port and enjoy synchronizing your body movements with the music as you work out. It also has speed control dials that allow you to increase or decrease the speed ranging between 0.5 mph – 8 mph. The panel also features a storage rack where you can place your water bottle and phone at a reachable distance while you exercise.

The Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill also comes with a safety clip that can be attached to your clothes. If ever, for some reason, you find yourself incapable of turning off the machine, all you have to do is unplug the safety clip and the treadmill will gently come to a stop. This ensures you remain protected as you work out from any unwanted stumbling.

With the latest technology, this treadmill comes with hand rail control settings that are pretty user-friendly and are present right at your fingertips. With these settings, you can stop, start, and increase or decrease speed by operating the buttons on the handles.

Construction and Motor

As its name suggests, this model of the Goplus is powered by a 1000 Watts battery. The continuous flow of the horsepower provides an uninterrupted and persistent workout that will best suit your needs.

The frame is made of high quality steel that is pretty solid to feel. The Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill also supports a weight capacity of 265 pounds which is pretty high in comparison to other entry level treadmills existing in the same price range. The treadmill gives two incline options that can manually be adjusted. One incline option is on level surface while the other incline option tilts the treadmill to an angle of 3 degrees in order to increase the challenging level of the workout.

The treadmill is also advertised with its state of the art Cell Cushion Deck with a sofa rubber, adjustable, and comfortable side mat which can absorb any sort of impact and ensures that you can achieve your workout without having to worry about sore joints and muscles.


  • Wide running surface
  • Cell Cushion deck technology
  • MP3 support and available USB port
  • High weight capacity of 265 pounds
  • Folding and space-save design.


  • This treadmill is expensive as compared to other budget friendly treadmills
  • Its maximum speed of 8 mph is too slow and can at most be used for light running.


Sure it may be limited in certain areas, but the Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill provides a wide variety of features that normally a high end treadmill would give and it does so at almost half the price. Do not be deterred by its price tag because this treadmill really is a bargain if you employ it for home use. You should certainly give this one a try.

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Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Accessibility - 8.4
Build Quality - 8
Comfort - 8.3
Design - 8.5


With a useful console, MP3 compatibility, refined cushion deck technology and a capper of a 1000W motor to run the entire surface, this Goplus model is one to keep you engaged for years to come.

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