Gomyhom 350W Mini Household HSM-T02 Review

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Do you often find yourself reluctant or too lazy to go to the gym? Or maybe there are situations where you may want to go but commitments or bad weather may prevent you from going. But despair no longer because Gomyhom offers you a treadmill with a very budget friendly price tag which will not only make your home your best place for running but will also give you the necessary push you need to achieve your fitness objectives.

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The Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill has dimensions amounting to 40.2 inches of length, 20.1 inches of width, and 43.7 inches of height respectively. The machine has a space saving fold design that allows you to fold the treadmill every time you are done using it and slide it under a bed or a storage room in order to free up space. Built in transportation wheels fixed at the base of the machine help you wheel the treadmill from one room to another with minimal amount of effort required. When folded, the product measures at 50 inches of length, 20.1 inches of width and 43.7  inches of height. The model has a running surface measuring at 41.5 inches length and 12.5 inches width making it just about sufficient for walking and light jogging but under no condition is the belt wide enough to accommodate anyone taller than six feet who may have a full stride and a large running action.


The Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill has a display features that helps track elapsed time, total speed, distance covered, and number of calories burned. Incremental speed button allows you to increase or decrease the speed suited to your needs. The treadmill is also equipped with a safety key which can be clipped on to your clothes. If ever a situation befalls where you cannot stop the treadmill using the control panel, all you’ll need to do would be to unclip the safety key and the treadmill will come to a stop by itself. This will protect you from losing your balance or any unwanted stumbling.

Construction & Motor

The Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill is made of heavy duty steel frame and a PVC running belt which will stand the test of your strenuous exercise. The machine weighs a mild 41.9 pounds can withhold a weight capacity of 200 pounds which is just about okay in context of its cost. The frame is solid steel and durable and the overall machine comes in only black color. One of the good things about this treadmill is that even for its very inexpensive price, it is stocked with a decent 350W motor which runs the machine and gives you an automatic platform to walk over. The motor requires 110 Volts of energy in order to function. But because of the very low price, the Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill does not come with any incline and so you will have to stick with the natural leveled surface.

Having seen all the aforementioned features, let us weigh the pros and cons.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Moderately good motor of 350 Watts
  • Space saving fold design allows you to free up space


  • The running surface is too narrow.
  • The quality of the treadmill is questionable


One of the biggest things that a new exerciser would look for in a treadmill is just how much of features does it offer for a certain price. With the Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill, we can safely say that rarely would you find another treadmill that is motorized and comes at such a cheap price. The 350 W motor is not powerful enough to accommodate any rigorous or high intensity running but it sure is good enough to be best suited for walking, jogging, and light running. One massive downside however is the quality of the treadmill which seems questionable and lackluster at times. But that is to be expected from a machine that costs so low. If you are a runner and want a machine that is more durable, is stocked with higher quality components, and has a much bigger machine then you would need to dish out more money. For everything else, the Gomyhom 350W Mini Multifunctional Electric Treadmill will work just fine.

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Gomyhom 350W Mini Household HSM-T02 Review

Accessibility - 7.1
Build Quality - 6.6
Comfort - 6.9
Design - 7.5


For its budget price, the Gomyhom 350W gets the essentials done. By owning this treadmill, the best place to run would be at your own home.

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