Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Review

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Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 is an entry level budget treadmill that is compact, falls within a very affordable price range, and succeeds at giving you workout options on par with some of the more high end treadmills currently in the market. The Gym Trainer 720 is foldable, has a minimalistic console with preset features, and has an AirStride Plus Cushion deck for good impact absorption. By delving deeper into the details of the treadmill, we found a few flaws with the machine but none of them are critical enough for us to suggest that this treadmill isn’t worth the buy. In fact, the Gold Gym Trainer managed to impress us in ways we did not deem likely. Stick around and take a look at how the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill is a decent purchase for your home. [no_toc]

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The Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill is known and well acknowledged for its size that is based on patented Space Saver technology. When assembled, its dimensions are 73.3” x 35.7” x 68.1”. Impressively, the treadmill not only folds but does so in a vertical position thus ensuring that even if you have a house that has pretty tight space, the Gym Trainer 720 is not only going to occupy as minimum place as possible but can even be leaned against a wall to be unfolded for later use. It’s running surface measures at 55” x 20” which is alright for its price though we do warn you that the 55” length is a little too tight and any person who is considered moderately tall will have some trouble adjusting themselves on the running track. The limitations with the length of the track also hampers the user’s freedom to use full strides for running, while also raising some safety concerns.

Console and Features

A minimalist blue-tinted display is situated on the console of the machine. The display will show you basic readings such as elapsed time, calories burned, and distance covered. The display is not backlit which makes it difficult to keep track of the readings in low light. A Power Plus heart rate monitor is featured on both the hand grips that allow you to keep up on progress regarding its bpm. 18 preset workout features come preinstalled with this treadmill that provide you with diverse exercise options.

QuickSelect buttons for speed and incline are also involved, so with just one click of the button you can invoke the treadmill to adjust itself and increase or decrease the intensity level of your workout. The speed parameters range between 0 to 10mph top speed while the incline can be adjusted anywhere between 0% - 10%.

These 18 preset programs as well as QuickSelect buttons for both incline and speed give the Gold Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill a monumental edge over other treadmill’s coexisting in the same price range through sheer diversity in workout options. 

Trust us, not many treadmills will give you something in the same vein. An iPod and MP3 compatible port allows you to connect your music device to the treadmill and pump out to some mean music while you undertake your exercise. That’s pretty nifty in our opinion. Other features include two cup holders and a CoolAire workout fan.

Construction and Motor

Due to its budget easy price range we can attest that the parts of the Gym Trainer 720 are comprised of cheap plastic which do not seem durable and reliant enough to last you for a long time.

So you’re going to have to buy this with a grain of salt as no absolute guarantees can be made regarding the treadmill’s construction. The motor however is a G-Force 2 commercial motor which sounds impressive by name though the extent of its power has not been disclosed by the manufacturer. 

Still, the machine can accommodate both walking and running exercises with a maximum weight capacity for 300 pounds which though not amazing is still justifiable considering its friendly price tag.

An Airstride Plus Cushioning system absorbs the impact of your strides and vastly reduces the tension in your muscles and joints thereby ensuring that after workout they’ll recover faster and quicker.


  • Very affordable
  • Space save design with vertical folding option
  • 18 workout features with QuickSelect buttons
  • Airstride Plus Cushioning deck for max impact absorption and better control
  • MP3 compatibility for music entertainment
  • The warranty includes lifetime coverage for frame and 25 years for the motor which is pretty good for the price. Others include 1 year parts and labor warranty


  • The cheap quality of the treadmill is noticeable
  • Short 55” x 20” running track may prove to be constrained for tall runners
  • A weight capacity of 300 pounds isn’t overwhelming


As stated in the overview, the Gold Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill has its fair share of flaws concerning its running track, quality, and limited weight capacity yet very few manufacturers would market a treadmill that contains such a plethora of workout options and excellent warranty for such a minuscule price tag. It is admittedly a treadmill for starters and those who have limited space in their homes. If you fit into any one of the above two criterion, the Gym Trainer 720 is a great option for you. If you’re a more veteran buyer then we suggest you save up a little more and buy a higher ended model

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Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Review

Accessibility - 8.5
Build Quality - 7.4
Comfort - 8.3
Design - 8.9


This is a pretty decent treadmill whose number of workout programs as well as music compatibility makes it an engaging machine to own.

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