The TRX Rip Trainer Beginner Workout Manual

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The TRX Rip Trainer consists of a weighted bar connected to a resistance cord; just find a strong anchor to attach and start working it. Designed for athletes, the Rip Trainer helps to build up explosive strength and a rock solid core.

Just because the package says for athletes doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t get a kick out of it. To set it up, connect the bar to the resistance cord and secure it to an anchor. The Rip trainer works by putting your body through a compound movement. What this means is during one repetition multiple muscle groups are working in sync to allow the body to rotate, press and swing.

At the center of all these movements is your core followed by your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and legs. Right now you must be thinking is there any muscle group that’s left out? Well no, because to build a strong stomach the muscles have to be targetted from different angles and have the ability to go through multiple motions. So there will be a movement that focuses on the abs, shoulders, and back while another movement engages the core, legs, and chest. All in all your entire body will carry you through the workout.

The exercises we are about to cover can be used for circuit training, HIIT and even on their own to supplement your workout plan. But you cannot complete these exercise without Trx Rip Trainer and to find out about these products click here.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, with the simple goal of leaving you out of breath. A HIIT workout can range from five to thirty minutes – depending on the intensity and rest between sets. HIIT is pretty straight forward do 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of break. The ratio of work to break varies according to the plan you are following and can be reduced and adjusted to your needs.

Suppose you sprint in place for 30 seconds and rest for 10, repeat lets say four times and finish. It is an example of a HIIT workout, where for the small work time you put in the maximum effort. By the time you reach the thirty-second mark, it should feel like you’re running on fumes.

HIIT can be performed with a wide variety of exercises and equipment  but since you have the TRX Rip trainer handy give these exercises a try

The TRX RIP TRAINER work out

1.      Paddle Board Row

The combination of a squat and row engages the shoulders, back, legs and abs. To begin:

  1. Stand facing the anchor with the resistance cord slightly towards your right.
  2. With your left hand in front of your shoulder grasp the bar with the palm up.
  3. Extend the right arm and grab the bar with the palm facing downwards.
  4. Feet hip distance apart squat down while making a paddling motion with your arms.
  5. The bar should go past the right leg.
  6. Return to start.

Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

2.      Squat Overhead Press

Surprisingly your legs and shoulders aren’t the only muscle groups engaged in this movement. The upper chest helps keep the bar properly aligned during the movement. The weighted bar and resistance cord help to incorporate the abs into this exercise. To perform a single rep:

  1. Stand with the bar in hand, palms facing the floor with the anchor point behind you.
  2. Make sure the band is taut.
  3. Squat down with the bar at chest level.
  4. As you press up through the floor, continue into an overhead press.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

3.      Windmill

This move will get your heart pumping. By keeping your arms in constant rotational movement this move will have your legs, arms, abs, and back gasping for air? Compared to weight lifting the interesting thing about TRX equipment is that it won’t wear out your joints even while putting your body through strenuous work. Begin by:

  1. Grab the bar with your left hand – the bar and your hand should rest against your oblique.
  2. Extend the right arm forward and grab the bar with your right oblique facing towards the anchor.
  3. Feet hip distance apart and straight.
  4. Squat up and down while moving your right arm – like you’re trying to draw a circle with the end of the bar.

Repeat for 30 seconds and switch to the other side.

4.      Pitchfork

This move will get that chest working. To get an idea of this move imagine your shoveling snow and throwing it back over your shoulder. To start:

  1. Grab the bar with both hands, palms down.
  2. Squat down.
  3. Feet hip distance apart and straight, with you facing the anchor and the cord towards the right.
  4. Extend the hips, reach up and back with the bar.
  5. Lower yourself and bar back to start.

Repeat for 30 seconds, switch and work the other side.

5.      Samurai Strike

Well at least if you grunt while performing this move we can say it’s part of the ninja training. It will get your core moving and torch belly fat. Start by:

  1. Stand with the anchor at your right side with both hands grasping the bar, palms down.
  2. Feet are hip distance apart.
  3. To start the movement lower yourself slightly – like a semi squat – push the bar from the right while pulling it towards yourself to the left.
  4. At the same time rotate the right hip towards the left while leaning in with the left leg.
  5. At the end of the strike, your right forearm will be above your left knee.
  6. Return to starting position.

Repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides.

6.      90 Degree Hop Press

 A real challenging move; when mastered will unlock impressive explosive strength. It is the sort of move you perform get leaner and meaner. Activating the core, legs, chest, and arms get ready to sweat. To perform:

  1. With the anchor to the right grab the bar with both hands, palms facing down.
  2. Squat down with the bar right in front of your chest.
  3. Hop up and rotate so when you land the anchor is behind you with the cord taut.
  4. As you land, press the bar forward to engage the chest.
  5. Bring the bar back to the chest and turn back to the starting position.

Repeat for 30 seconds on both sides.

7.      Hockey Slap Shot

The final move on the list is better known as the Woodchoppers, with a slight variation of course. This move will engage the obliques, back, legs, and abs. Start by:

  1. Grip the bar with the left hand above the right knee, right hand above the left hand.
  2. The point where the bar and cord meet will be on the right hand.
  3. Rotate the right hip and leg towards the left while bringing the left arm towards the side.
  4. At the same time push aggressively with the right like you’re trying to hit a target which is a few inches above the ground.
  5. Return to start.

Repeat for 30 seconds on both sides.

How to make the most of a workout?

Use these exercises to make a workout plan. The training can be done up to three times a week if you’re starting out.  For example, start the work out with 30 seconds of the Paddle row on one side, 10-second rest, followed by 30 seconds on the other side. After this perform 30 seconds of the squat over head press followed by ten seconds of rest.

A sample workout looks something like this.

Paddle row – right side

Squat, overhead press

Paddle row – left side

90-degree hop press

Samurai strike – right side

Pitchfork – left side

Samurai strike – left side

Pitchfork – right side.

Perform each exercise with maximum intensity for 30 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. The total duration of the workout will be roughly seven minutes. Seven minutes and you’re done for the day! All you needed to accomplish it was a little push and a TRX trainer.

The biggest problem faced by anyone trying to train is lack of motivation or not seeing improvements. To see results one has to be consistent with diet and training. However, how do you make sure you’re getting the right training?

Well, the easiest way is to pace yourself. Using these exercises, you can make a personalized plan to follow or look-up other workouts. TRX provides valuable work out resource to make the most out of your buy.

To see results with this training first understand that HIIT workouts can be done 2 – 3 times per week, with a minimum 24 hour recovery period in between. You shouldn’t be focused on tiring yourself through the workout. Yes, you should be out of breath by the end of it, wanting to sit down. When you think about the next training session, you should be looking forward to it and not dreading its mere mention.

A little really does go a long way.

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