Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review

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Do you ever feel like your busy working lifestyle is stopping you from staying fit? Do you think that you need to take out time for yourself but that would mean taking away your precious family time. Or is not having enough space in your home for gym equipment the only thing that keeps you from having a fit body? Do not worry as we have the answer to all your questions in just one machine. The Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer is designed to give you a lower body workout while you are busy at your desk in your workplace or watching your favourite television show with your family. This innovative piece of machinery is designed to fit under your desk and proves to be one of the most compact built lower body workout machines in the market. The best bit; buying this trainer will certainly not tear a hole in your pocket. But everything has its flaws and so does the Stamina In-motion elliptical trainer. In this review we are going to discuss each and every thing about this machine and give you a better idea if this is the perfect trainer for you and your family.

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It would not be wrong to say that the key selling point of this particular machine is its compact design. Weighing only 24lbs. it sits 14 inches wide and measures 21 inches from back to its front support stand. Its minimal height of 14 inches makes it very easy to fit almost anywhere including your work desk. Unlike most elliptical trainers, this one does not have with arms so it can easily be stored in a closet when not in use. With such compact design and low weight it has an exceptional weight capacity of 250lbs.


The key feature of Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer is its multiple workout option, depending on your preference it can be used both while sitting and standing up. This proves to be especially convenient for people with balance or mobility issues such as joint pain. Pedaling in reverse direction lets you target different muscles in your lower body; however this specific machine does not really provide an intense workout so if you are an experienced exerciser or an athlete you might find the workout to be a bit unsatisfactory.

Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer features mechanical variable resistance which can be toggled by a simple turn of a knob. Turning the knob to the left gives you a bit of a breather while turning it to the right cranks it up. The resistance levels however do not cater for athletes and only suit beginners to intermediate level exercisers. Though this machine works on mechanical resistance but is relatively quieter than most trainers that use mechanical resistance, that makes it perfect to use in your workplace without disturbing your colleagues and if you’re using it at home you won’t have to turn up a volume of your television.

The Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer is basically two foot pedals connected to steel built chassis.   The pedals are textured non-slip which ensures that your feet stay firmly gripped on the pedals at all resistance levels and even the fastest paced workout. The pedals however do not have straps or toe clips.

The trainer comes equipped with electronic monitor that tracks and displays workout time, strides per minute, calories burned and total numbers of steps.

One of the main concerns we have about this machine is its durability. Though it has a steel frame and looks expensive, a lot of reviewers have shown serious doubts about the quality issues that it faces. Some say that the left pedal loosens up after a few intense workouts while some complain about the squeaky sounds that it starts making after a couple months of use. The pedaling does not stay as fluid with the course of time and at this point you may feel like you should have put in some extra dollars and gotten something else.

 As we have already discussed, unlike most trainers this one does not have support arms. While it may prove to be convenient for some users, it can require a little getting used to for consumers that are already used to elliptical trainers with support arms. This feature puts this machine in a debate whether it should come under the category of elliptical trainers or not as most elliptical trainers has support arms.


Although the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical trainer needs to be put together but the assembly is a piece of cake. It comes with a manual that helps with not only the assembly of the machine but also has instructions on how to use it safely. Stamina provides a one year warranty for the frame and 90 days parts warranty, however the warranty varies from vendor to vendor.


  • Extremely compact design fits under almost anything from bed to desk.
  • Incredibly lightweight, only 24lbs. can be easily picked by one person and transported.
  • Quiet workout makes it possible to have a workout at workplace.
  • Low impact workout for users with joint problems
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Two-way pedalling providing workout for different muscles
  • Very affordable


  • Does not have any workout programs.
  • A few users have reported issues regarding balancing on the trainer
  • Very short stride length


For a low priced trainer The Stamina In-Motion elliptical has a lot going on for it. It is compact and does not make noise. Most of the users are satisfied but in our opinion it is a prototype that needs a few modifications to make it the perfect machine for you. This machine does not provide an intense workout so if you are looking for that you may have to look for something else. Considering the low price tag of this trainer it is not as long lasting as its much more expensive competitors. With all these points under consideration this machine still provides great value for the price.

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review

Accessibility - 7.4
Build Quality - 7.1
Comfort - 7.8
Design - 8


Low priced, compact, and reliable. This machine is a must buy.

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