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SitNCycle Exercise Bike Review

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A normal person spends an average of 147 minutes or almost 2 and a half hour sitting on a couch in front of a T.V screen. Has it ever occurred to you that while watching your favorite T.V show you can be a little productive and burn a few calories with minimal effort as well? But most of the exercise bikes require too much energy and focus for you to get an adequate work-out. What if I told you that the bike that we’re going to review today does not even require you to use your hands so you don’t need to worry about changing the channel or replying to your text messages while also desperately clutching a pair of handrails for balance?



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We are talking – of course – about the SitNCycle Exercise Bike. A very simple looking exercise bike with hands-free design that claims to provide you with a low impact method of staying in motion while being able to do what you might like to do like watching T.V, reading a book or simply talking on phone with someone. The simple looks of this exercise bike put you under the impression that it just may prove to be a good alternate to just sitting on a couch and gaining calories but the manufactures claim that it can prove to be very helpful in losing weight and overall fitness. Let’s find out all there is to know about this bike and see if what the company claims is true or not.

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The SitNCycle exercise bike when fully assembled stands 29.5 inches tall, sits 15.5 inches wide and measures 23 inches from the back of the bike to the transport wheels located at the front of the bike. The bike weighs 34 lbs. which is extremely light for any exercise bike. Such light weight raises questions about the maximum compatible weight but SitNCycle is suitable for a surprising 300 lbs.  The compact footprint and overall size along with its minimal weight makes it really easy for anyone to move from one place to another or to store away when not in use.


The first question that comes into mind when you look at the design of this bike is “is it going to be sturdy enough for me to have a peaceful work-out without having the fear of falling off it?” The answer is yes; the bike though may look weird at the first glance but it has been engineered to keep steady on a levelled surface. One should keep in mind that this bike is not for extensive and intense workout so it is advised to use it on moderate speed to get a comfortable workout. Also the bike needs to be on a flat surface as it sits on four small feet which are not adjustable to prevent any rocking caused by uneven surface. So if it does rock and you don’t have a flat surface to place it on, we suggest you deal with it in the old-school way and place a shim under the rocking foot of the bike.

Moving on to the drive mechanism of the bike, it comes with a belt drive system. The earlier models of the bike faced issues with belt drive as the customers complained about the pedals breaking up to a few months after use causing fluctuations in speed as you pedal. Some people also experienced shredding of belt. The manufacturers took notice of the complaints and came up with a better and improved belt drive which is wider, stronger and long lasting as compared to the previous one. Customer reviews taken after these changes have been quite satisfactory regarding this issue.

The bike uses magnetic resistance technology with 8 different resistance settings. The resistance levels can be changed by a simple knob which is located at the base and rear of the bike. The position of the knob makes it impossible to change the resistance settings without getting off of the bike so you have to set the resistance before getting on the bike and then get off the bike to change it again. This can prove to be very annoying for people who like to change the resistance settings as they work-out. As this is not a professional level exercise bike so the resistance settings go from very easy to moderate hard which is enough for you to get your sweat on. The magnetic resistance ensures a quiet and smooth workout so you don’t have to turn the volume of your T.V all the way up.

The seat that comes with this bike is large flat padded seat which is designed to help with balance and comfort. But like any other bike seat not all of the users are going to like it. Some people prefer placing a cushion on it for added comfort. The seat is attached to the seat post in such a way that it is almost impossible to take it off and replace is with a more suitable one. In such a case a gel cover is usually the best solution to toughness on your sit bones. The seat can be adjusted up and down to provide an adequate fit for different leg lengths. This can be done by loosening the knob at the back of the seat support and pulling it out allowing the seat to slide to your desirable position. You can then put the knob back into one of the pre-set holes and tighten it into place. The SitNCycle is built to be compatible for people with height ranging from 5ft to 6ft 4 inches.

Finally coming to the pedals of the bike, it comes equipped with basic pedal that are placed slightly forward of the bike rather than underneath it. The pedals do not have any kind of straps that help you keep your feet in place. The pedals do not have any labeling as to which pedal goes on the right side and which goes on the left side. This has caused some issues as the left pedal has reversed thread and needs to be tightened counter-clockwise.


The bike comes half assembled and there isn’t much to do except putting together a few pieces here and there. The instruction manual is pretty basic and easy to follow and if that does not help there is a video to follow along to. The bike comes with all the tools required in order to assemble it. One person can set up the bike without any help in 30 to 45 minutes.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Does not require a lot of space
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Adjustable seat


  • Not suitable for intense workouts
  • Resistance cannot be changed without getting off the bike
  • Seat cannot be changed


Sit N Cycle functions as a stationary bicycle without wheels or handles, allowing a situated exercise while watching television or reading. The Sit N Cycle is designed for moderate levels of exercise, to utilize the time when you would be sat down as a way to include more movement and exercise into your life. It is certainly going to make you feel better about yourself but helping you lose an overt lot of weight is something that you should not be expecting from this machine. It is convenient and handy as long as you wish to tone lower body muscles and have some physical exertion over the day. But if weight loss is your true aim then we suggest you look towards more traditional upright bikes for a change.

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Great bike for lower body workouts make it possible to do exercises while also being able to watch films and staying entertained.

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