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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Review

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Schwinn will always be synonymous with churning out high quality, top-notch fitness machines that regularly incorporate top of the line designs that are both innovative and revolutionary. In a way, it can be said that Schwinn is a manufacturer that looks ahead to the future with most of their machines, be it treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes, regularly featuring cutting edge technology.

With the AD6 Airdyne, the German titans continue with their fine form. Let us turn our attention towards this special exercise bike and see what it makes it special. The AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike features wind resistance technology that increases the bike’s resistance every time you pedal harder. Large padded seat and a comfortable foothold helps give you ample support and balance so you can work out comfortably. Pivot handlebars also add extra dynamic to your upper body workouts.

Apart from that, the AD6 Airdyne provides you the ability to read your heart rate by means of a chest strap (the strap is sold separately). Other add-ons include a reading rack and a windscreen.

And now, let us delve deeper into the features.


Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike
Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike
Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike
Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike

Dimensions and Construction

The bike measures at dimensions of 49.7” x 50.9” x 25.7 in length, width, and height respectively. It weighs 112 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds which is good enough to accommodate people of varying weight types. The AD6 Airdyne is solid steel construction and appears to be pretty sturdy although there have been a few complaints (though infrequent) about some of the bike’s parts being creaky and internal parts cracking after a few weeks. But this isn’t an issue with the bike itself but more of isolated examples. As for the parts of the bike, the seat is padded in order to provide a nice cushioning for your body while wide footholds allow you to slide your feet in and workout with increased and improved motion control.

The assembly process is straight forward and relatively simple. If you’re struggling with assembling the bike on your own, just refer to the instructions manual and you’ll be good to go. Schwinn also provides all the tools that you will need to put this bike together. Some of the main parts can be a little heavy, but a single person can manage the assembly. In all, it should take the typical person somewhere between forty minutes to an hour to assemble.
Transport wheels built at the base of the exercise bike also make it very easy in transporting the AD6 from one room to another. Consider that as another opportunity to save space in your house.

Console and Features

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Bike features a neat console layout with continuously visible metrics that is designed to show you key readings of your workout at the same time. Key readings include elapsed time, distance covered, total speed, number of calories burned, pulse and heart rate. A new RevMeter RPM gauge provides perfect opportunity for interval training. Regardless of the fact that Schwinn upped the quality of their console by including the RevMeter, the display tends to be a bit dark and tricky to discern at times.

Other than that, one of the other high points of the AD6 Airdyne is its dual stage Super Torque belt drive that allows pedaling to be smoother, more fluid, and a natural process.

The inclusion of a frictionless and high strength ABS plastic fan gives infinite wind resistance to the exercise bike. This means that no matter how hard you pedal, the resistance of the Schwinn AD6 will increase in order to make the process more challenging. Pedaling against the resistance will be instrumental as it will tone core areas of your muscles and help you lose extra weight. Pivot handlebars are fitted strategically to improve and enhance upper body workouts. The sleek and special design of the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne also makes it possible to concurrently allow for both upper and lower body workouts as well as isolated workouts for either the upper or lower body alone.

Another one of the highlights of this bike is its telemetric enable heart rate monitor that can help you track core readings of your pulse and allow you to train in your target heartzone. While the chest strap is not included with the product itself, it can be separately purchased and used to full effectiveness.


The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike comes with a 15 years warranty for its frame, 3 years for parts, 2 years for electric components, and 6 months for labor respectively. In lieu of the occasional complaints that have come about some internal components of the bike breaking, the warranty covers for all forms of damage.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek design for good upper and lower body workout
  • Comfortable seating and foothold for better balance
  • Dual Zone super torque belt drive for consistent and smooth pedaling experience
  • ABS plastic fan for infinite wind resistance adds a good challenge


  • Quality of the product is a little questionable as there have been some complaints about cracking sounds and internal components being damaged.
  • The RevMeter display is good but tends to be a little too dark.


Schwinn will always be known for being a reliable manufacturer when it comes to Fitness Equipment and the AD6 Airdyne isn’t anything less. Made as a definitive upgrade on the AD2 model, the AD6 indeed improves and expands upon a lot of departments. Coming at an affordable price, the upright exercise bike is more than worth its money. Would we recommend it to new and veteran exercisers alike? The answer is a big and resounding HELL YES!

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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike

Accessibility - 8.4
Build Quality - 7.3
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Coming at an affordable price, the upright exercise bike is more than worth its money.

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