ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill Review

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ProForm is a giant in the fitness machine industry with an assortment of machines that have served consumers reliably for years. ProForm’s treadmills have always drawn in a wide number of fitness users because of their high quality and affordable ranges. Now, with the Performance 300i model (released originally in 2016), ProForm have released yet another very inexpensive treadmill that packages important fitness features and allows you to exercise in the convenience of your own home. The 300i is an upgrade on the Performance 300 which itself had basic features. The 300i features a decent 2.0 CHP motor while also supporting Bluetooth and being iFit enabled. Though it’s not your average run-of-the-mill treadmill since it isn’t suited for gym use but the Performance 300i is an interesting machine and offers features that can serve you well at your home especially considering its mid-range price. In this article, we will closely look at what the 300i offers. [no_toc]

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One of the first things you’ll notice about the ProForm Performance 300i is its compact size. It’s pretty small and a quintessential treadmill based on the space-saving design. It has dimensions measuring at 70” x 33” x 53” of length, width, and height respectively. The treadmill is foldable and features an EasyLiftTM telescoping shocks to help you lift and fold the deck up and out of the way for convenient cleaning and storage. A running surface of 50” x 16” is noticeably short and constrained but would work well for people who are of average height. As for those with heights above 6 feet, we suggest you to pay up a little more to get a treadmill with a longer and wider running track

Console & Features

A 6 inch display screen tracks readings such as number of calories burned, elapsed time, total speed, total distance covered, heart-rate, and laps. Ergonomic pulse grips on the handrails also measure your heart rate and relay the information to the console where you can keep note of its bpm. 16 built-in workout features offer you a wide variety of options to adjust your exercise session by. The workouts are divided into 8 weight loss modes and 8 performance modes. A manual mode also allows you to configure your speed and incline adjustment as per your own liking. The + / - buttons on the panel allow you to increase the treadmill’s speed in increments. The 300i can go up to maximum speeds of 10 MPH which is suitable for walking and light jogging.

What’s fancy about this model of ProForm is its motorized incline, while most treadmills in similar price range either feature no incline or have a manually adjustable incline, the one in the Performance 300i can be adjusted from the console. This treadmill can incline up to 10% with 1% incremental increase from the buttons. This feature is pretty nifty as it proves to be a high-end feature in a relatively inexpensive treadmill.

The Performance 300i shines on the basis of the fact that it is both Bluetooth compatible and also features compatibility with the iFit app where you can connect the treadmill to the application and subscribe to multiple workout features, Google Maps synchronization, fitness videos, and challenges etc. Do note however that you will have to buy a separate subscription for your iFitness membership should you decide to purchase this treadmill.

Built-in speakers on the Performance 300i allow you to hook up your music device to the treadmill via a 3.5mm jack and jam out to music as you exercise. A phone/tab holder gives you ease in fitting your device into the holder so you can casually skim through videos and playlist without having to necessarily hold it in your hands. A magnetic safety key helps shut down the treadmill immediately upon being detached.

Construction & Motor

The ProForm performance 300i is fitted with a powerful 2.0 CHP Mach Z Motor that provides good inertia and durable thrust to power the running belt. Since it is a powerful and continuous motor, the treadmill can operate for long stretches at minimal noise without there being risk of overheating or choking. The material of the treadmill is comprised of strong, durable steel with steel parts that are coated with anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant paint. The 300i itself weight 152 pounds and has a capacity to support up to 300 pounds though it is suggested that anyone weighing over 200 pounds should refrain from running on this machine in particular. The treadmill’s deck integrates 1.9″ balanced and precision machined rollers, with sealed ball bearings, designed to last for many years of use.

The deck comprises of one Proshox cushioning cell designed to reduce impact on your muscles, knees, and joints by 20% and help reinvigorate their recovery faster after your workout is complete


  • Awesome budget price
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • 2.0 CHP Mach Z Motor is powerful
  • Bluetooth and iFit connectivity
  • Enjoyable music compatibility with in-built speakers
  • Motorized incline adjustment


  • Lack of cooling fan
  • The realization that in order to operate iFit app, you have to buy a subscription first was a bit of a downer
  • The running track is too narrow and constrained for tall people


The fact that the ProForm Performance 300i is so inexpensive to begin with and yet offers a generous amount of great high end features is testament to ProForm’s commitment towards releasing the highest quality exercise machines. Sure the treadmill may not be best for rigorous intense running exercises but it sure can hold up to being a reliable machine for the long run provided you use it right and with respect.

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ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

Accessibility - 8.1
Build Quality - 7.9
Comfort - 8.2
Design - 8.4


Many features packed inside an affordable pricetag. A powerful motor ensures a rigorous workout. Bluetooth and iFit connectivity are an added plus.

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