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Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 Review

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The LD-577 is a strong speed bike that is meant for commercial use like the gym. So if you are someone who is looking to buy a bike for an indoor gym then you are the target audience for this bike. It is built using robust components which provide much better quality than regular household bikes. This model is not your ordinary house bike, it is made for people of all shapes and sizes and people of all fitness levels, and this bike is built to last. We will not take a look at its dimensions, features and construction. Then we will proceed to tell you the pros and cons of owning this bike and it will then be given a final score. Without any delay let’s check out the dimensions. [no_toc]

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Dimensions The pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577 has dimensions amounting to 41.9 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 35.4 inches in height. Once it has been assembled it will have dimensions amounting to 21 inches in length, 46 inches in width and 52 inches in height. The product has a total weight of 134.5 pounds but since this product is made specifically for commercial use (gym and personal gym) we do not think it will need to be moved around much. If it does need to be moved around then it comes with transportation wheels. The maximum weight capacity for this bike is 551 pounds which is at least 100 pounds more than your average indoor exercise bike. This bike is made for the heaviest of users to be able to use it. Let us now take a look at what features the bike has.


So with most of these heavy bikes, it is very important that they have a good flywheel so the bike can be used at high speeds without breaking momentum. The pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577's flywheel is electroplated and built with solid premium steel for aggressive users. The flywheel weighs 50 pounds which is also at least 10 pounds heavier than most indoor bikes offer. Other common products may monitor time, distance, and heart rate and speed as well. However, these models come with the digital monitor that has a larger screen and has the ability to track RPM. The different types of data can be shown at the same time on the screen. The screen is also clearer in comparison to other models. The pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577 has a comfortable seat that is designed to increase blood flow and relax the muscles. The product is made with crank pedals to make the ride safer. On delivery the package will contain the exercise bike, a non-slip mat, a hardware set and a set of instructions for setting up and using the bike.

Constructions & Hardware

The pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577 has a wide base and a wider frame as most commercial bikes do but it has also been covered with extra metal plates which protect the frame from wear and tear. This is one thing that truly does separate the product and the company from the rest of its competitors. Where most companies would try to save metal, the pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577 and its manufacturers have added as much as they can to guarantee the users safety. One of dangerous accidents during pedaling is that the crank or pedal breaks. That is a very small possibility with most bikes but pro indoor cycle trainer LD-577 has designed this bike for long term use, which could be decades. So they have installed the crank and pedals wider with solid steel.


  • 50 pounds flywheel which helps in keeping a smooth and fast ride
  • Extra metal plating for long term use and to resist wear and tear
  • 551 pounds weight limit, there will barely be any people who cannot use this
  • High speed training to reach your fitness goals, close as it gets to an actual bike ride


  • We did not find any negatives about this bike.


As hard as we have tried (and we really have tried), we are unable to find any problems with this bike. If you can afford to buy this bike then your gym will have a product that will last for decades

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Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577

Accessibility - 8.3
Build Quality - 8.2
Comfort - 8.3
Design - 8.8


An awesome exercise bike with a flywheel that makes the exercise reinvigorating. Is bound to keep you engaged for hours and make you much fitter.

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Christian R. Berndt

I am a highly competent and enthusiastic Personal Trainer with the ability to help people achieve their fitness goals and ambitions. I have been training for the past five years myself and have gained knowledge and experience within the fitness sector which also included me learning to a high extent about nutrition and supplementation. I learnt this from being practical and additional research in my own time. I am able to apply the knowledge I have to help anyone and work around their needs and goals. I have been around physical activity for all of my teenage and adult life. My career as fitness guide through various Gyms has given me immense knowledge in recommending a variety of fitness equipments.

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  1. Hi Christian. I just received the L Now LD-577 as a Christmas gift. I like it a lot but cannot get the computer to work. I have been trying to find a customer service number or address but have been unsuccessful. I noticed your review and am hoping you may be able to forward any company info to me. The monitor takes one CR2032 but it seems to me that there isn’t another metal contact for the positive side. I have tried putting the battery in both ways and still not working. If you can help out in anyway, greatly appreciated.

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