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How to prepare a Meditation bench

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Meditation benches are almost costly to buy if needed, therefore instead of making a purchase, you can simply make one for yourself at home. It will not only indulge you in a good activity, but it will also give you pleasure that you will be making something of your own. For meditation bench plans you have to follow the step guide so that you won’t miss out anything. The rocking bench will give you different choices to kneel it according to your comfort.

The step-wise guide is as follows:

Step 1: Preparing the materials and tools

The material and tools set out is the very first step in making of something.


The materials that you require are as follows:

  • Wood
  • Padding cuts
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Wood screws
  • Brackets
  • Upholstery tacks


Different tools that are needed are as follows:

  • Saw
  • Wood filler
  • Level
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper

Step 2: Sawing the wooden planks

Once done with setting out all the tools and the materials required, then the next step is cutting the legs and the bench plank. For this very step, we need wooden logs that are more or less straight then we make two different cuts. Plank is supposed to be of larger dimensions, and the legs are smaller in size. Hacksaw is used to cut the wood easily and safely. For an average height person’s, the bench seat should be 20 inches, and the leg height should be of 5.5-6 inches. The rocking legs are a great part which can be used by different height people easily.

Step 3: Cutting desired shape of legs

After the bench seat and legs cut according to the size, the next step is to shape up the rocking legs. For that, we simply take a piece of paper cut in the same size and shape of the legs. Once we put the paper on the plank, fold it in half and then draw the desired shape that you require. Do

Not shorten the size of paper because that is what will decide the outcome of the legs. Once you have made the shape, then open the folded paper to see the symmetrical pattern. Trace this shape on the other leg so you can proceed with cutting it next.

Step 4: Shaping of legs

The desired shape we made on the piece of paper in the previous step will come into proper shape now by using a coping saw. We have to shape one leg at a time. Before started sawing, secure the wooden cut leg in the vice so that it won’t move and cutting becomes feasible for you. The pattern made in step 3 can now be shaped out by starting to trim the leg. Both legs trimmed, and later you can see if there are any differences in them, if there are change them immediately to have the balance that we require from this meditation bench. If in case any of the differences occur you can take the bigger plank in size, mark it and cut it accordingly. The legs will look very rough at this stage of the making.

Step 5: To file the legs and edges of bench

While shaping the legs, they become very rough, as it has point ends which need to be smooth around. Now you will work on one leg at a time, securing the leg in the vice again and then start by using a filter to shape the leg and to make it neat. Filing can be time taking and messy because of the sawdust. Keep on filing until you see a shape that was the one you drew. Make sure you work out the edges properly because the round edges are an important part of this chair.  After done with the filing process, then you can use a smooth wooden file to give the wood that shines and final smoothed texture. Finally, use sandpaper to finish it off. After completing both the legs, it’s time to file the edges of the bench and make them smooth as well.

After you have completed the filing process, then you can use a smooth wooden file to give the wood that shines and final smoothed texture. Finally, use sandpaper to finish it off. When both legs are ready, it’s time to file the edges of the bench and make them smooth as well.

Step 6: Staining the wooden parts

Now the very next step is to clean off the bench and legs with a fine cloth. Moreover, make some space outside where you will stain them. Now you can simply brush or use some cloth for this purpose. Once you have stained through the whole pieces one by one, then you can set them aside for at least one whole day. They need to dry properly. The bench is all covered from the middle so to save up you can simply just stain the edges.

Step 7: Legs attached to the bench

Finally, it’s time to get the bench ready while attaching the legs to it. You can use the brackets to hold the leg in place. Paint the brackets according to your need and fun for whichever color looks good to you. Place the bench on a straight surface facing it upside down so you can attach the legs to it. Stand one leg at a time by measuring an exact distance from the edge of the bench. Placing the brackets one by one and marking the place where the screws need to go in. Later taking it off and simply screw the brackets one by one. Once all done, you can put the legs in the right place and struck it in now. Turn the legs over to see how it has turned out. If any work left at this stage, do it right away.

Step 8: Seat attachment

In meditation bench plans, the small amount of padding is essential. Do not make the bench too cushy because it won’t be good in the long-term. Cut the pad into dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches so that it would wrap properly around the edges but won’t meet at the bottom. Once you have the pad, stick it on your bench. Now take a fabric clothing that you can wrap around the cushion so that it will look good. Attaching the fabric is a tricky part so you can simply take some friends help and mark out the corners first and then do the center part. Add the tacks as you fold the fabric in place. Finally, turn the bench over and there you have your bench ready.


To make something on your own is always a difficult start, as it calls for a lot of effort. However, the outcomes that you get always please you and becomes happy with the effort you put in. Are you a busy person and do not want to go through all the hassle to carry out the equipment and want to make your way through to the meditation bench plans, then you can simply buy one from the best meditation benches 2017. You will find many benches in several colors and features, but you need to choose the one that suits you best.

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