PowerBlock Elite 5-90 lb. Dumbbell Set Review

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Dumbbells are one of the most popular tools that exercisers use when working out. A vast majority of men and women who frequent the gym love to associate themselves with free weights as they provide a more accurate and precise toning of core muscle groups of the body. Those who can not regularly visit the gym usually buy expensive sets of dumbbells for their homes in order to keep their work out consistent. But imagine if we told you that there exists a dumbbell set that can equal and replace 28 different weighing dumbbells while taking up the space of just one.

Yes, the PowerBlock Elite 90 does exactly that. With a sleek and comfortable design, and the ability to adjust between weights of 5-90 pounds, this dumbbell set is the height of innovation and is a revolutionary step for the fitness industry itself. The weight range is expandable and can be adjusted to suit whatever your work out needs are. From being mildly light to as heavy as 90 pounds, this dumbbell will not only tone your body but also make you put in vigorous effort in a manner that is both effective and comfortable.


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PowerBlock itself was the very first exercise manufacturer that came up with the idea of dumbbells whose weights could be adjusted according to the user’s own needs. One ought to imagine them as the Apple of the exercise machine industry. This innovative concept of adjustable dumbbells was first introduced in 1991 and ever since then, PowerBlock has dedicated itself to keep perfecting and refining its adjustable dumbbells to become even sleeker, comfortable, technologically proficient, and designed to the latest standards. Most reviewers and customers have rightfully called it the “most durable” and the “best of all adjustable treadmills currently available in the market”. If these claims are not testament to how proficient and good the PowerBlock Elite 90 is then there is no knowing what is.

Construction and Dimensions

Since the adjustment system of the PowerBlock Elite 90 is unique and different, its construction is also very unconventional as compared to other dumbbells. The dumbbell features a core, which itself is in the shape of a box with metal weights found on each end. Inside the core you’ll find five handles. At the center of the core is the main handle which you can grip every time you intend to work out on free weight. All the handles are ergonomic and extremely comfortable to hold. The grips of the handles guarantee that even if you are lifting the heaviest of weights, your palms will not feel sore. The bars found on the exterior of the handle act as “wrist supports” and they can also be used to hold the dumbbells for various exercises. For example, if you’re going to do overhead triceps exercises using one dumbbell, you should hold it from the outer bars.

The weight plates and connecting bars of the PowerBlock Elite 90 are made of strong durable steel with enamel black coating and glossy finishing that give them a very sophisticated look. The connecting bars are color coded in order to specify each weight type found on the table of the handle.

 The size of the PowerBlock Elite depends on how many weights you have attached to it. When all 90 pounds are attached, the dimensions of the dumbbell are 16” x 6” x 6” of length, width, and height respectively. Admittedly so, first time users would feel a little weird holding on to the full 90 pounds owing to its large size but the lesser the weights get, the smaller the size becomes. This isn’t much of an issue however and only needs some getting used to.

Adjustability and Weight Features

The adjustment system is comprised of weight plates that are stacked together, and attached to the main handle through a heavy-duty polyurethane pin. There are a total of 16 different weight settings to choose from such as 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 17.5, 20, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, 50, 55, 57.5, 60, 65, 67.5, 70, 75, 77.5, 80, 85, 87.5, 90 lbs (2.26, 3.4, 4.5, 6.8, 7.9, 9.0, 11.3, 12.4, 13.6, 15.8, 17.0, 18.1, 20.4, 21.5, 22.6, 24.9, 26.0, 27.2, 29.4, 30.6, 31.7, 34, 35.1, 36.2, 38.5, 39.6, 40.8 kg. Each of these weights can be individually chosen using a selector pin which you can slide through the color coded plates. The selector pin itself is magnetic and very steadfast so any fears you may have of the weights falling off the dumbbell are eradicated immediately. Though you can increase the weights incrementally by 5 pounds each, the PowerBlock Elite 90 also gives you the ability to increase the total weight by 2.5 pounds each. This can be done by manually adding adder weights to the dumbbell. Even though manually increasing with the adder weights would take more time as compared to simply adjusting via the selector pin, it is impressive how PowerBlock E90 gives you such a diverse range of weight options to choose from. With this dumbbell, almost anyone can select whatever weight they are most comfortable with. The ingenious design and mechanism literally leaves no in-betweens.
These dumbbells also feature a safety system consisting on a dial lock, with “Open / Closed” settings that can steadfastly lock the weights in place and remove the risk of them falling off. The durable safety mechanism makes the PowerBlock Elite 90 a thing to trust.


PowerBlock’s devout faith in the quality of their product is apparent because they offer the Elite 90 with a brilliant 10 year warranty. The warranty itself gives out a big statement that the Elite 90 is durable and will last you for a long time. There’s nothing quite like a company that stands by their products, and a generous warranty like that is just another part of what makes PowerBlock such a trustworthy brand. Adjustable dumbbells are the type of product that really will last you for life if you buy the right model, and PowerBlock has just made it that much easier for you.


  • Extremely convenient to adjust weights using selector pin and adder weights.
  • The vast plethora of weights to choose from makes the dumbbells very diverse and accessible for literally anyone of all body types.
  • The handles are ergonomic and extremely comfortable to hold.
  • Super safe locking mechanism ensures maximum safety.
  • The dumbbells are quintessential space-save designed. One dumbbell apiece can easily replace 28 different weighing dumbbells.
  • Sleek enamel finish makes the PB Elite 90 look pleasing to the eye.
  • Pretty neat warranty


  • At full weight, the dumbbell may feel a little large and difficult to hold for new users.
  • If a user has larger hands than usual, there may be a possibility of their hands finding difficulty holding the grip. But we’re being too nitpicky on this one.


The PowerBlock Elite 90 is the end-all, top-all, omega dumbbell of all dumbbells. Not only is it innovative and wackily original, the dumbbell itself is filled with such a great array of features that it can literally be a substitute for almost 30 other dumbbell types. And yet it is an all in one thing that has something to offer for everyone. Truly a masterclass piece of innovation that is deserving of a perfect score through and through.

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PowerBlock Elite 5-90 lb. Dumbbell Set

Accessibility - 9.3
Build Quality - 8.9
Comfort - 8.3
Design - 9.6


These PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are spectacular, utilizing a revolutionary system to make it possible to do all kinds of weight training.

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