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Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Exercise Bike Review

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Want to get some exercise but don’t have time to go to the gym? If you’re looking for good cardio without leaving the comfort of your home then this might be the product for you. This bike is not your average machine; it has many features and will not make you feel like you have to go anywhere else to fulfil your exercise needs. However, the bike is not budget friendly coming at a price of Check Price - $$. Let’s see if the bike is worth the money. We will describe the dimensions, features and construction of the bike. Once everything has been explained we will move towards a pros and cons section and then a verdict.

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The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Indoor Training Cycle Exercise Bike with Hybrid Pedals has dimensions amounting to 44 inches in length, 26 inches in width and 49 inches in height. Once you have set up the machine it will weigh 127 lbs. but it has transportation wheels so it will not be very difficult to move around the house. The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Indoor Training Cycle Exercise Bike with Hybrid Pedals is not meant to be portable but thanks to its built it also has a 300 pound capacity in terms of weight. This machine comes in two boxes that cannot fit in a normal sized car so if you plan on ordering it you may require a larger vehicle. The height range for this device is 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches which accounts for a vast majority of the population.


So the Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Indoor Training Cycle Exercise Bike with Hybrid Pedals has a weight limit of 300 lbs. It has a heavy duty wide steel frame construction which makes it a very durable product. It is capable of pedaling in two directions for those who are looking to keep it interesting while doing their cardio. The product is also equipped with magnetic flywheel tension resistance weighing 44 lbs. This alignment and balance of the flywheel provides consistent and smooth motion thanks to the flywheels ability to efficiently store rotational energy. You can adjust the multi-grip handle bars as you please, up, down, front or back and in comparison to its older version it also consists of an elbow rest. This gives you complete control of the handle bars and gives you comfort you would not find in most products. Just like the handle bars, the seat can also be adjusted in all positions (up, down, left right) and has individual air chambers. The product also has a computer with a tablet holder. The computer displays readouts of RPM, calories burned, speed, and watts and includes all batteries. The tablet holder allows you to remain entertained in your everyday cardio as you could put on anything for entertainment on your tablet or you could take your training to the next level by putting on something that inspires you and makes you work even harder. It also consists of steel pedals with 3 piece crank system to avoid any maintenance issues and straps and toe cages to make sure that there is not foot slippage, meaning you can crank it up to full speed without having to worry about getting hurt or your momentum going to waste. For your convenience, the machine also provides a water bottle holder. It has a fabric tension pad for gradual flywheel tension resistance. It has SPD hybrid pedals and transportation wheels which makes it easier to move around. The bike also has stand up pedaling mode which provides the uphill experience.

Construction & Hardware

The hardware is heavy duty and the frame has a lifetime warranty, the wearable and electronic parts have a warranty of 2 years and all the other parts have a warranty of 5 years. The flywheels are heavy (44 lbs.) which is important for a stable ride. The product is built so you can go all the way up in terms of speed without any problems. The construction of this bike is so strong that you can get the actual biking experience without leaving your living room, be it uphill, downhill or through the hill, the adjustable seats and handle bars make it easy to emulate all of these conditions. Now that we have understood all the features, hardware and construction of The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Indoor Training Cycle Exercise Bike with Hybrid Pedals, let us move on the its pros, cons and our final verdict.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable seat
  • Durability and lifetime warranty for the frame
  • Heavy flywheels for stability during high speed workouts
  • Two way pedalling
  • Fabric tension pad
  • Transportation wheels


  • The price is very high and will be unaffordable for most


Though this is not a budget product, it is premium but definitely worth the price. It is difficult to point out any flaws in the machine itself. There are not many products that will be able to compete with this indoor bike. We highly recommend purchasing The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Indoor Training Cycle Exercise Bike with Hybrid Pedals if you can afford it.

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Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Exercise Bike Review

Accessibility - 8.3
Build Quality - 8.4
Comfort - 8.6
Design - 8.2


This bike adjusts itself to your requirements and the dual flywheel technology ensures pedalling will be a full time fun experience. This is an undoubtedly high quality machine.

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