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Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Review

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The Exerpeutic gold XL9 Aero elliptical and exercise bike is an excellent choice to provide both an upper and lower body workout using a smooth and consistent elliptical motion or transition your workout to an Excise bike where the large adjustable seat makes pedaling easy and challenging at the same time.  A natural elliptical motion reduces stress on joints and a reinforced crank system provides consistent momentum. Let us now take a look at dimensions, features and construction of the bike. After thorough examination of the bike we will proceed to listing the pros and cons of owning this product and we will give it a final score.


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The XL9 Aero bike amounts to dimensions of 43.5 inches in length, 26 inches in width and 61 inches in height. The product is not small but neither are the results it provides. It weighs in at 60.8 pounds but moving it around will not be an issue thanks to the transportation wheels that have been provided on the machine.  The dimensions are in no way unusual and if the frame is sturdy then the machine should work great. We will get to the frame in the constructions portion.


The Exerpeutic gold XL9 Aero bike has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which is the standard and the elliptical motion eliminates any stress on the joints. The product also has a dual action arms workout which helps with a low intensity upper body workout as well. It also has a reinforced crank system meaning it provides consistent momentum and has backward stride capability. It has an LCD system which comes with 2 AA batteries, the LCD displays all the basics like time, speed, distance travelled and calories burned but nothing out of the ordinary. The product has a large pedal with ribbed dot design to prevent foot slippage during high speed workouts. It has a 4 way adjustable large seat for all users meaning it can be adjusted left, right, up and down. The product also comes with transportation wheels to make it easy for the owner to move it around the house or office as they please. The Exerpeutic gold XL9 Aero elliptical and exercise bike has also been designed with extended adjustable leg stabilizers to prevent tipping when you are exercising. It also has an easy tension dial that allows you to adjust your workout difficulty as per your requirement. So all in all it looks good for the price, it has all the features you need, nothing more or less. Let’s take a look at the construction.


The machine requires assembly when it is delivered to you. It does take some time to assemble but once you have assembled it properly it performs great and the frame is able to hold its own. The product comes with a 1 year warranty and a reinforced crank system. It is built to last and to be able to with stand 250 pounds. You can go all out on this machine but we recommend it for an intermediate workout and not an extreme one.


  • Comes in with a 1 year warranty
  • It has a 250 pounds weight capacity
  • It eliminates any stress on the joints and ankles.
  • Reinforced crank system for consistent momentum.
  • A large, comfortable, and adjustable seat.


  • A bit difficult to assemble as reported by some users


For the price, this is a very good item and we recommend you buy the XL9 Aero if you need to do a challenging workout at home or the office but don’t have time to go to a gym. It will bring you the benefits at home.

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Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Review

Accessibility - 8.2
Build Quality - 7.2
Comfort - 7.5
Design - 7.1


An elliptical that offers the benefits of a gym at home. The bike is made of minimal useful features so for purely pedalling purposes, it will suit you well.

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