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Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike Review

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Choosing and exercise bike that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and fulfils all your fitness needs can be a piece of work at times. First thought that comes into your mind is to buy an entry level upright bike that provides you an effective lower body workout but are you just going to pretend that your upper body doesn’t require as much attention and exercise as your lower body? Obviously not. So what do you do? You go on the internet in quest of the perfect exercise bike that not only provides you a lower body workout but also makes sure that your upper body stays in shape as well. And during your search, you stumble on this article where we are going to review such a bike that fulfils all your requirements.

The Body Rider Fan Bike also known as the BRF700 is an alluring substitute for a standard upright bike as it comes equipped with dual action arms which can be moved back and forth during pedaling to ensure that you burn more calories and your arms, upper body and core get a proper workout. And that’s not all, instead of a conventional flywheel it comes with a fan wheel which not only helps to deliver a smooth and fluid workout but also gives out a gentle breeze to cool you down while you work out. What’s more in this bike? Let’s jump into it and find out.


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This bike comes under the category of elliptical bikes so you might be worried about space issues as most elliptical bikes are heavy and take up a lot of space, but not the BRF700, It has relatively compact footprint and a very minimal weight for a machine of its type. When fully assembled the bike stands 45.75 inches tall. Has a minimal width of only 22 inches and length of 45.5 inches. Though the bike weighs only 47.3 lbs. but it has the capacity to carry users up to 250 lbs. The moving handle bars that roots out of the base are 46 inches tall and the distance between them is 22 inches which is perfect for a comfortable workout experience.


Sturdiness is the first concern that one has before buying an exercise bike; you can’t just spend your dollars on a bike that will keep rocking due to its inexpensive manufacturing. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about anything in such regard as the BRF700 features a steel frame and as long as you are under the maximum weight limit it will keep you steady as you workout. The bike may move a little when used at very high speed but it sure won’t shake or wobble in a way that affects your workout. You will have to place the bike on a flat surface as it does not come with levelers under its feet that prevent rocking due to uneven surface.

The BRF700 uses chain drive mechanism like the one you get on a regular road bike. The low clinking sound that is produced by the chain drive mechanism is overcome by the fan wheel. Now the chain drive mechanism might require some maintenance and lubrication but as long as you do all that it proves to be more long lasting than any other drive type. There’s a cover that not only protects the fan and chain drive from any kind of collision and prevents it from dust and sweat but also makes sure that nothing gets stuck in it.

Most fan bikes have no resistance control and the amount of tension depends on how fast you pedal but BRF700 is an exception among them. The resistance can be toggled by a knob on the frame. Resistance is controlled by a belt that goes around the wheel. However, the knob increases the resistance in small amount only and if you want an even greater resistance you’ll have to manually tighten the belt around the wheel by re-looping it through the buckle. Now it might sound like something that’s the job of a technician but if you follow the instructions given on the manual, it should be a piece of cake. The belt is made of felt so it’s bound to wear off and would require replacement from time to time. The fan in this bike does not function as a tool for resistance as it does in most fan bikes. It just blows a minor amount of air on to the rider.

With regards to comfort, the older version of this bike received a lot of complaints regarding the seat being too hard and uncomfortable. Body Champ, the manufacturers of this bike took notice of those complaints and came up with a newer and improved bike seat which has been modeled for comfort. The new seat comes with more cushioning so it doesn’t feel hard on the sit bones. Even then bike seats are a matter of preference and most people like to get a seat of their choice and replace it with the default seat. However this kind of concerns can be overcome by simply putting a gel cover on the seat. The seat can be adjusted vertically by loosening the adjustment knob, taking it out, sliding the pole to the desired position, inserting the pin into the pre existing holes and tightening it up. The bike is compatible for people with height ranging from 4’10” to almost 6’, however, some people around the height of 6’ have complained of not being able to fully stretch their legs and getting the appropriate motion required for a comfortable workout.

Coming on to the pedals of the bike, it comes with non-slip pedals that have straps to keep your feet from slipping off of the pedals. One more plus point of this bike is that the fan wheel, pedals, and handlebars are all connected together. So if you jut want to exercise your lower body you can just let your hands hang on the sides and if you want to exercise your upper body you can just grab the handlebars and push them while you gently rest your feet on the pedals.

Last but not the least; BRF700 comes with a console that is situated on the top of fan wheel so it can be read easily. The console measures time, speed, distance and calories. However, time is the only accurate measurement. Other than that all of the measurements are estimates. The console is quite basic as it doesn’t store any data after you’re done with the workout, so if you are following some kind of exercise plan you need to manually record your performance on daily basis.


The bike comes almost assembled with the frame and fan wheel already attached. You just need to attach handlebars, seat, console and pedals. The instruction manual is a bit tricky but can be followed easily if given time. The manufacturers provide you with a multi tool and Allen wrench to tighten nuts and bolts. Most people can complete the assembly in an hour. The frame comes with a one year warranty.


  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame
  • Updated seat with more cushioning
  • Not Noisy even with Chain Drive
  • 1 year warranty


  • Lacks bottle holder
  • No workout programs on console
  • Not ideal for people over 6 feet


Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike is a fairly strong machine that is capable of providing you a full body workout, so if you’re looking for a reasonable bike with basic functions this is a good buy for you. On the other hand if you prefer an exercise bike with pre-loaded workout programs, you will find this bike a tad bit lacking in some departments.

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Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

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Lacks pre-workout programs but if all you want to do is pedal, this bike does the trick.

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