Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars Review

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Pull-up bars are the most popular inventions of the 21st century. Designed to work out your upper body and forearms, these bars will definitely leave your torso feeling toned and rejuvenated. Wall-mounted Pull up bars are common to be found in gymnasiums and fitness theatres, but these devices can even be installed in your own house. It’s that easy.

To be particular, these bars specifically target your upper back, lower back, abdominals, and your biceps and forearms. And the best part? They’re extremely easy to fix. Just a few nuts and bolts and some extra space, and voila, now you have your very own home work-out kit. Pull up bars are the most highly efficient home devices that are easily available on numerous websites. Nevertheless, to help you choose the best product for your routine, we’ve handpicked a few of the best pull-up bars.
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#1 Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar

This exceptional product by Ultimate Body Press is perhaps the best in the market. Available at a moderately cheap price, this body workout machine will definitely find its way into your cart. It can be easily fixated onto 16-inch on-center wall-studs, precisely engineered with industry leading dimensions.

Complete with a 42 inch wide bar and four prime grip positions, this set comes whole with easy to assemble parts, including its own lag bolts, washers, and of course, the bar and grips themselves. The grips are professionally engineered with premium density foam to provide the most efficient work out experience, along with a 42 inch pull-up bar which allows maximum motion range and reduces muscle stress and strains. The Ultimate Body Press bars for pull-ups are perhaps the best out there. If you don’t order this, it’s an opportunity missed.

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  • This bar has been engineered for easy installation onto 16-inch on-center wall studs.
  • The bar also features 4 grip positions.
  • They come with complete assembly parts and USA tech support included.
  • It comes with the built-in high quality foam in its four grip position.
  • With a 14-21 inch wall clearance and a 42 inch pull up bar.
  • It is ideal for accessories to give you the best results.


  • Exceptionally sleek design, with jet-black brackets, are a perfect addition to your home workout regimen.
  • The 42 inch wide pull-up bar provides maximum motion range and enhances your workout experience for maximum results.
  • The bar is easy to fix and assemble. The parts are all included, along with bolts and washers, to ensure that you have everything you need to install it.
  • It is extremely co operative with accessories like ab straps and body-weight trainers.


  • The installation instructions are vague and for some part erroneous.
  • The 14-21 inch wall clearance might not be sufficient for some customers.

This bar provides your body with the perfect workout with its 42-inch wide pull up bar, which enhances your motion range. It is a must-have for anyone looking for using it with accessories such as the ab-straps or other trainers.

#2 Titan Fitness Pull Up bar (Wall Mounted)

A sensational innovation by Titan Fitness, this chin up/pull up bar comes packaged with a sleek modern design, with weight withstanding capabilities of about 500 lbs., (227 kgs). Quite possibly one of the best and the most efficient, this exclusive product from Titan Fitness can be easily installed into a wall either vertically or horizontally.

It can be fixated onto solid concrete, with adjustable bar spacing and height, and is unique in the fact that it also proves useful for chin-ups. With a minimalistic design and professional look, this fitness device is a must have for every starter.

Bringing you beauty and grace in all its glory, the Titan Fitness Bar will definitely not let you down. The only thing required is your dedication and hard work, and your work out will definitely prove fruitful.

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  • This pull-up bar can withstand a weight of about 500 pounds.
  • It can be mounted vertically or horizontally via 16 inch wood studs.
  • It comes in adjustable widths of up to 48 inches.
  • The height can be adjusted based on ceiling or athlete height.
  • Total weight is 35 lbs., with a bar length of 53 inches and diameter 1.3 inches.


  • Height of the bar and the overall pull-up station is adjustable to an extent.
  • In addition to pull-ups, this product is also great for chin-ups.
  • With a standard 1 inch steel tube and some extra L-brackets, a multiple person pull-up station can be set up.
  • The bar features a minimalistic design with black body and an overall professional look.


  • Extra installation equipment required.
  • Bar spacing might be uncomfortable for some users.

This fitness pull-up bar, with its weight of 35 lbs, has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It is one of the best exercise equipments in the market. The adjustable 48 inches width and the height is one the astounding qualities of this pull up bar.

#3 Ceiling or Wall-Mountable Pull Up Bar (Stud Bar)

This uniquely designed product will certainly catch your gaze. Complete with a modern design and minimalistic look, this ceiling pull up bar is ideal for various purposes. It allows for easy mounting and installation, and can be a professional addition to your work-out regimen. It is specifically engineered to accommodate for better grip and to provide a gym quality experience.

With adjustable bar height, this device comes in 3 unique sizes to account for varying ceiling heights and wall spacing. Welded with hammer-tone powder coated steel, and a capacity of up to 600 pounds (~272 kgs). Perhaps one of the best wall-mountable pull up bar, this bar won’t let you down. And if it does, don’t worry. The company’s got you covered with a lifetime warranty. It’s all that you could hope for.

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  • The station is 48 inches wide, and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling with little to no difficulties.
  • The bar is available in 3 convenient sizes for varying ceiling heights and wall spacing.
  • The bar is specifically engineered with premium quality hammer-tone steel, with a sturdy body and firm grip.
  • The bar can support weights of up to 600 lbs.
  • The bar features a minimalistic design that makes it easy on the eyes.
  • This product can withstand a weight of up to 600 lbs.
  • The bar is 1/14 inch in diameter for a comfortable grip which prevents slipping and allows proper exercise.
  • The bar is available in 3 sizes for 8 ft, 9ft and 10 ft of ceilings.
  • The bar features a sleek and unique design.


  • It does not support some other accessories which other bars are able to support.
  • Some users might not find the design convenient enough.

Although somewhat costly, this pull-up bar is definitely worth the price, especially since it accommodates for varying ceiling/wall heights. The three different sizes perfectly accommodate for different wall heights and makes it perfect for any type of room.

#4 Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar (CFF)

This wall mountable bar is necessary for every athlete. With a uniquely modern design and unparalleled durability, this pull up rack is hard to the core, and will surely leave you with the best results. This pull-up Bar comes complete with a professional quality stud mounted system, and is easy to install. The bar is 46 inches wide and at a distance of 30 inches from the wall to provide more comfort and convenience when performing pull-ups.

You will not be disappointed at the durability and sturdiness of the bar, the brackets, and the station as a whole. All hardware is included so the installation is relatively easier and quite straight forward. The sturdy bar of perfectly engineered steel can support up to 300 pounds, and is perfect for all types of pull-ups, chin-ups, and various workouts.

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  • This pull up bar contains commercial quality stud and joist system.
  • It features a unique and professional design fit to provide you the best workout experience.
  • The 46 inch wide bar can be easily used with a 30 inch wall spacing.
  • All hardware is included with the package, so you can easily install it without any trouble.
  • The bar has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.


  • The bar provides a comfortable and easy grip.
  • The bar can accommodate for users of weights up to 300 pounds.
  • It features a minimalistic design which will set beautifully with your room.
  • The bar is very easy to install since all the hardware is already included.


  • It only comes in one size, which may not be suitable to the users.
  • The height and wall spacing are not adjustable.

This pull-up bar is perfect for beginners as well as those professional in the field, especially since it is so comfortable and efficient. The 30 inch wall spacing the bar provides is definitely a plus as it can allow you to do chin ups as well when installed at a lower position.

#5 Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull-up Bar

When it comes to the best wall mounted pull up bars, who can miss out the Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull-up Bar. It can easily support 300 pounds. The Bar results in strength training that can help activate your metabolism and builds functional muscles across the shoulders, arms and back. The fully welded steel bar had a 3 grip positions system. The bar boasts a ‘Perfect Grip’ hammertone texture which makes it easier to hold and do your Pull-ups. The 1.25 inch thick steel bar acts as an ideal anchor for all accessories and is universally fit for 24-30 inch doorway king studs.

The angled and ergonomic bar comes with complete mounting hardware and installation guides. This pull up bar can be used to anchor a variety of other body exercise equipment such as Bodyweight resistant trainers, Ab straps and Gymnastic Rings. These accessories enable you to do a variety of different pull-up sets each day. The Wall Mounted Doorway Bar gives you the space saving abilities of a Doorway Bar and the rigidity of a wall-mounted bar.

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  • The bar is angled with three grip positions designed specifically to make your workouts stress free.
  • The bar comes with extreme thick mounting plates.
  • The bar features a 'Perfect Grip' hammer tone, which makes it tranquil to maintain a comfortable grip for long workouts.
  • It includes complete installation and mounting hardware.
  • The bar is fit for standard resident doorways i.e. 24-30 inches in width
  • The bar makes an ideal anchor for accessories.


  • The bar functions as both a wall mounted bar while providing the space saving abilities of a doorway bar.
  • It reduces stress and strain due to workout with its three grip positions.
  • The bar can be used for longer workouts without the fear of slipping.
  • Different types of accessories can be used with it.


  • The bar only comes with one Universal Size; however, this may not fit everyone’s doorway.
  • The bar is not adjustable for different widths or heights of those training.

The Ultimate Body Press Doorway Bar is one of the best wall mounted pull up bars due to the fact that it provides the space saving characteristics of a doorway bar as well as the rigidity of a wall mounted pull up bar. The 1.25 inch steel bar provides a strong and sturdy support to the user and can be used with a plethora of accessories for better workouts.


When it comes to exercise, it is necessary to pay attention to building up muscles of the chest, forearms and back. Pull up bars are a great way to bring your gym to home. You can easily get all the perks of exercise right at your home by using a wall mounted pull up bar. They are cheap and space saving. They do not look weird at all in your home due to their minimalistic designs.

Well, we showed you the 5 best wall mounted pull up bars, however, the Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar beats all the others by a long shot. When compared to the the rest of the bars, its 4 grip positions and the affordable price triumphs over others. Although th stud bar comes with 3 different sizes, the Ultimate certainly won when you compared the prices of the two.

Overall, the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount bar is the best for you, if you are budget conscious; nevertheless, you refuse to compromise on quality.

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