Best TRX Trainer Resistance Cords Review

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Trainer resistance cords work as a great addition to any fitness routine, and they come in a variety of size, strengths, and lengths. These cords also work well in some rehabilitation programs as well. The best part about this workout equipment is that it offers excellent portability and you can conveniently store it anywhere you like. Its portability features allow it to be your trusty workout sidekick for home as well as work.

Resistance cords just like those free weights come in a range of different resistance levels as well. You can either choose heavy duty stretch strength for a hardcore workout, and you can also select highly stretchable cords that are designed to keep your body streamlined.

Most of the brands make tube ropes that are attached to handles and hooks. You can also opt for loop cords which are also known as giant rubber bands. For the people who are looking to start a rehabilitation program, therapy bands are ideal. You can also take some advice from your fitness trainer regarding the type of resistance cord that is best suited for your purpose.

TRX Training is the brand that offers a good range of resistance cords that range from light to heavy duty performance. TRX is one of the best brands of workout equipment and accessories, and we have brought you some top quality resistance cords from the brand to choose from so let’s have a brief look at the five best trainer resistance cords below.

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#1 RIP Trainer Light

This RIP Trainer Resistance Cord from TRX is best for those people who are new to resistance training exercises. This resistance band is also suitable for younger athletes and senior people. The cord offers resistance of 15 lbs. strength, and it is highly recommended for the individuals that weigh between 80 pounds to 110 pounds. Because it provides light resistance, it can be used in some different workouts.

The resistance cable is effortless to setup, and you can conveniently attach it to your Rip trainer in a matter of seconds. The cord is designed to provide you with the perfect elucidation for the metabolic habituation as well as strengthening the core during your workout routines.

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It is ideal workout solution for the people who are looking to start a rehabilitation program as well because it offers very light resistance. The company has developed this product with one aim in mind, and that is to provide you with the best products for your functional training. The product is highly durable and made from nylon.


  • The cord is suitable for people weighing between 80 to 110 pounds.
  • The resistance band weighs around 5 lbs.
  • You will also get 1-year limited replacement warranty in case of faulty goods.
  • The shipping weight of the product is 7 lbs.
  • The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • It is made of highly durable nylon which enables it to last for a long time.
  • Ideal for the people who are looking to start their Rip training or for those who newly joined a recovery course.
  • It is effortless to setup, and you can easily attach it with your RIP trainer.
  • It does not take much space either.


  • It is not the ideal resistance training cord for the people over 110 pounds.
  • The cable offers very light resistance, and it is not made for heavier workouts.


The RIP trainer Light Resistance Cord from TRX is most suitable cord provides the low-resistance level, and if you are planning to start your workout routine, then this cord is highly recommended. The product is very durable, portable and exceptionally convenient to use anywhere.

#2 RIP Trainer Medium

The medium resistance cord by TRX offers slightly better resistance if you are looking for it. The cord provides resistance of 20 lbs. to your stretch. This cord is for the individuals who are seeking to take their exercise efforts up a few notches. It offers optimal amount of difficulty level and is an excellent baseline for who is willing to improve their performance in RIP training.

Again, TRX has designed this product to fix with the trainer equipment very conveniently, and you can set it up in no time. The band allows you to improve your metabolism and keep your body in shape by building the core. People who are over 110 to 140 pounds should integrate this product in their workouts. Some people think that the resistance might be a bit too much; therefore, it is ideal for those who are consistent with their workout routines.

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The cord is fully covered with nylon which improves its durability. It is designed to give strength to your body and using it on a regular basis will improve your workout routines as well. You will be able to do your exercise in proper postures and for longer times as well. It is effortless to setup anywhere, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • The cord offers resistance of 20 lbs. per stretch.
  • It is recommendable for people weighing between 110 and 140 pounds.
  • The medium resistance cord weighs approximately 7 pounds.
  • The shipping weight will be around 9 pounds.
  • Against any manufacturing defects, the product is also covered by 1-year replacement warranty.
  • This cord comes with 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The medium resistance band from TRX offers better resistance as compared to the lighter version.
  • It provides optimal resistance power which is suitable for the individuals who regular with their exercise routines.
  • The band is covered with nylon for extra durability.
  • It is effortless to install and does not consume any space as well.


  • It might be a bit too much resistant for some individuals.
  • It is not recommended for people under 110 pounds.


If you are regular with your workouts, then this resistance cord is ideal for you to up the ante a little bit. This cord provides excellent strength and is very durable. The cord is covered with nylon and is completely safe in a rare case if it breaks during the stretch.

#3 RIP Trainer Heavy

The RIP trainer Heavy dials up the resistance of 25 lbs. This cord is fit for the seasoned athletes as they look to integrate more difficulty or intensity in their exercise routines. The cord is perfect for the people with weight over 160 pounds. It is not the recommendable product for those who are looking to get into a routine because it requires much amount of effort. Seasoned athletes who are regular with their routine can use this resistance cord

Very similar in the making to other products on this list, the heavy resistance cord is covered with nylon for extra safety and durability and is perfect for advanced training. You can use this product with a variety of different movements with added difficulty.

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The size and length of the cord are also adjustable. However, it will be only useful for you only if you do your workout 4 to 6 times per week anything below this can cause extra strain on your muscles. For a bungee cord, it is expensive, but it does get the job done in an efficient manner


  • The heavy duty bungee cord from TRX comes with one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • In case you have any issues with the product your purchase is safe under the ninety days replacement option as well.
  • The shipping weight will be only 8.5 ounces.
  • The length of the rope is about 5 feet.


  • This heavy duty resistance cord is best suited for the people who do regular gym.
  • It is ideal for full body work out.
  • The band offers excellent resistance that goes well with the regular exercises and builds a strong core.
  • The cord is very simple to install, just attach one end to your RIP trainer and the other end to your carabineer, and you are all done.


  • The heavy-cord is not recommendable for the people under 150 pounds.
  • The length standing at 5 feet might be a bit less for some people.


The product is highly durable and offers plenty of resistance. It performs exceptionally well if it is used with intense workouts on a regular basis. The product is designed to improve your metabolism and builds a solid muscle.

#4 RIP Trainer X-Heavy

This RIP trainer cord provides resistance of over 38 pounds and offers an intense total body challenge. The individuals who are over 165 pounds in weight should use this cord. The athletes that belong to different disciplines will immediately feel the difference when they start using this band. You will be able to improve your progression and stable power with this one.

The equipment is straightforward to use and very convenient to install both indoor as well as outdoor. You will be able to activate your entire body with an x-heavy cord, and if you link it with your suspension trainer, then it will work wonders. Keep in mind that it is not designed for weight loss purposes and if that is the case, then you must start with the light or medium versions of the cord.

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The combination of the weighted bar and the RIP trainer will ignite your core and will assist you in cardio training as well. You will be able to improve your balance, agility along with conditioning and rational force during your workout as well as other physical activities.


  • The weight of the shipment will be just over 11 pounds.
  • It comes with one-year replacement option against the material issues.
  • It offers resistance of up to 38 pounds.
  • The product is made for the people with over 165 pounds weight.


  • The TRX Trainer resistance cord offers high resistance power and is very useful in building strong body core and in enhancing the rational power.
  • You can install the cord with your trainer in a few simple steps, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor training sessions.
  • The product is designed for strong and active people who regularly go to the gym and do intense workouts.
  • It tests your stamina, speed, balance and stability and is ideal for the athletes that are associated with contact sports.
  • It is covered with nylon for increased durability.


  • It is made for active individuals only.
  • People under 150 pounds must not use this cord for their training sessions.


The product is exceptionally durable, and it is made to deliver high performance. You can conveniently install the cord with your trainer start using it to improve your workouts. It will not only allow you to improve your balance and stability, but it will also provide strength to your core body muscles.

#5 RIP Trainer XX-Heavy

It is the bungee cord that will surely test your power and agility. The cord offers a resistance of 50 pounds and is built to shred your core by testing it to the limits. It is the heaviest and the most intensely challenging cord that comes from TRX. Like the previous one in this list, this cord is built to test the balance and force that your body generates.

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However, installation of the cord is not a challenge at all, and you can quickly set it up within no time. TRX is the leader in functional training, and this product is the best example of it. The resistance cord is extremely stiff and is very tough to deliver exceptionally high-quality output. It surely is one of the best products that you can find on the market.


  • It provides 50 lbs super resistance.
  • It is ideal for the athletes who are looking to enhance their core muscles and bring more difficulty in their workout sessions.
  • The product’s shipment weight is around 14 pounds.
  • The length of this cord is around 5 feet.


  • It is developed for full body workout for extreme levels.
  • The product is highly durable.
  • If you want to put your body through a challenge, then this cord is the best option.
  • It improves the way your core generates rational force and agility.


  • Some of the people will find it extremely difficult thereof; it is only useful for the athletes who want stronger workouts.
  • The length of the cord might be an issue for some.


The product is developed with the latest technology to deliver top quality results. You will immediately find the difference after a few days. The product is highly recommended due to its durability and strength.


There is absolutely no doubt about the performance of the goods from TRX. The company manufactures products that are famous for their outstanding results and top notch durability. The brand‘s products have multiple features. In the above reviews, we only discussed the primary features of all the goods. However, different products have some features that might be useful for a certain group of people. Therefore, researching each product properly before you make a purchase is essential.

The above products from TRX are incredibly easy when it comes to installation plus you can use these cord anywhere you want. The company makes its products for the convenience of the people, and they ensure that these products meet the requirements to the fullest.

From the above list it is hard to pick one product over the other, but regarding use, of course, a person that is less than 150 pounds should not opt for x-heavy or xx-heavy cords. Therefore, Medium Resistance Cord is ideally suitable for all forms of workouts if you are looking to remain fit and keep your body in shape. It is best for all those individuals who regularly go to the gym 4 or 5 times in a week.

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