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Best TRX Suspension Trainer Kits Review

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Are you a fitness freak? If you are then TRX training kits are the best tools to keep you fit all the time. You don’t have to go to the gym because these kits maintain the shape of your body that you always like. These kits come in handy whenever you want to have some workouts on the go.

Now, you have access to your gym whenever you want. These training kits will enable you to remain in shape for good, and you will notice the difference within few days as well. You are able to personalize all your workouts as per your requirements, and it has a very healthy effect on your overall physique.

TRX offers world class products, and if you are looking for a training kit, then there is no better option that you can find on the market. The training systems are extremely comfortable to setup and use, and you can attach to any solid support and start doing your thing. Below we provide you with some of the top quality training kits from TRX that are designed to serve different purposes. These kits and their detailed reviews are as follows

Are you confused? Check out these top rated TRX training kits.

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#1  Suspension Trainer Home Gym

With the help of the Suspension Trainer Home Gym from TRX, you can sculpt your body and develop your core anywhere you want. It is a body weight training device that enables you to turn your body into a machine. The trainer kit is patented design.

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You can quickly set it up within 60 seconds while being in the nearby park or at your home or anywhere else where you want to have a go at some sets. The product comes with 8-week workout plan along with six additional exercises. On a daily basis, you will have to spend around half an hour, and you will see the transformation of your body yourself.

The Suspension Trainer Home Gym pack includes everything that you will need during your workouts with this kit. It has a couple of anchoring solutions as well. With this kit, you will be able to use the gravity and your bodyweight. The system also enables you to execute over 300 exercises that you can gauge easy to hard. The straps of the kit allow you to adjust your moves based on the position of your body during your activity.


  • The dimensions of this kit are 5.9-inch x 7.9-inch x 7.9-inch
  • The product only weighs only around 2 pounds.
  • Adjustable straps made of nylon.
  • The shipping weight will be just above 2.5 pounds.
  • The product comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • You can do over 300 exercises with adjustable difficulty levels depending upon your body positions.
  • The straps are made from nylon which adds to the kit’s durability.
  • You can also get real time tracking service through the TRX mobile application on your phone.
  • The product comes with all the accessories that you will require for your workout.
  • You can set it up in less than a minute


  • The foam that is used on the handles is not up to the mark.
  • You might have to buy your door anchor separately for this kit.


The Suspension Trainer Home Gym is an excellent product that you can carry around without much fuzz. You can quickly start working out anywhere and anytime which ensures that your body remains well-trimmed and you stay active all the time. The kit offers you exceptional durability and is definitely worth a shot.

#2 Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit

The Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit from TRX is another masterpiece that trains your entire body with the help of your body weight that can be adjusted. You can also modify the kit as per the instability of your body movement which makes it very comfortable to use.

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The Pro 3 is the strongest training equipment by TRX and is also the most secure in terms of the suspension system. It is equipped with robust rubber handles that enable non-loosening secure grip. The kit also comes with an anti-theft locking carabineer as well. There are three different kinds of anchors that you can attach your system too, which allow maximum versatility.

Its adjustable nature makes sure that you remain comfortable during your exercise and still have enough weight to keep the workout efficient. However, it is highly recommended for those who are very active and want to stay that way. The intense workout makes sure that all the body parts function properly to maximize the effects.


  • The Pro 3 weighs less than a couple of pounds.
  • The weight of the shipping package will be approximately 3.5 lbs.
  • The dimensions of this kit are 8-inch x 8-inch x 6-inch.
  • It has rubber handles.
  • TRX Pro 3 Suspension training Kit is covered under lifetime limited warranty.


  • It also comes with a locking carabineer for anti-theft purposes.
  • The product is equipped with three separate anchors and fully adjustable straps.
  • Bigger dimensions enable you to get maximum output from your workouts.
  • It is the most durable product by TRX which promises high-level performance and durability.
  • The Pro 3 is very light, and you can carry it around to use it anywhere you want.


  • It is a slightly overpriced product.
  • In addition to this product, you might need to purchase the anchoring system separately as well.


TRX Pro 3 is a top quality product that will trim your body in no time. The materials used in the making are highly durable which makes it a bit costly as compared to the other products. However, if you can afford it, then this is the best one from the company.

#3 Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

The essential feature that the Suspension Trainer Basic Kit has to offer to you is that you won’t need your home gym to get those 6-packs that you always wanted. This essential training kit by TRX ensures that you remain consistent with your exercise routine no matter what.

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This system has everything that you will need to develop a strong, healthy body. It will also help you in developing flexibility in all your muscles. You can quickly train yourself on the spot whether indoor or outdoor. The trainer enables your body to burn muscle fat and improves endurance as well. The product is highly portable and very convenient for traveling.

With the help of this trainer from TRX, you will be able to push yourself to limits which will boost your chances to get exceptional results. This product has been used by a number of professional athletes as well pure because in addition to its longevity it also produces results. If you take care of your diet and consume proteins with these regular workouts, you will be able to develop proper muscles within four to six weeks.


  • It comes with a carry bag made from mesh for easy storage and handling.
  • The product has durable suspension training straps.
  • Suspension anchor and door anchor in included in the pack.
  • You will have guidance from the Workout Guide.
  • Its dimensions are 9.2-inch x 8-inch x 5.8-inch.
  • The shipping weight will be about 4 pounds while the product’s weight is just over one and a half pounds.


  • The product is quality tested for over 350 pounds.
  • It is used by a number of professional athletes and military men.
  • It also comes with a locker account where you can register your product for additional benefits such as watching online videos of different workouts etc.
  • The straps are made of nylon and are fully adjustable.
  • The trainer system does not take much space either.


  • The price might be slightly an issue for some people.
  • Ceiling anchor does not include in the shipment, and you have to buy it separate for your system.


Apart from the slightly high price, this training system has so much to offer. The system is designed to perform, and that is exactly what it does. After purchasing it, you might feel that price  No products found. does not have much role to play if features are taken into consideration.

#4  GO Suspension Trainer Kit

TRX GO Suspension Trainer Kit is the slimmest and the lightest system that you can find on the market. This feature makes it a perfect item to carry while on the go. It has a tightened design that tones your body on the go. You can use this product for vigorous workouts as well as it primarily focuses on maintaining the fitness levels.

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With this training system, you can develop lean muscle and burn fat from different parts of your body. The kit also allows you to build a strong core brings the body into better shape. You can spend 15 to 20 minutes of your daily routine plus; you can do over 100 exercises with this lightweight gizmo.

However, make sure that you maintain a very healthy protein diet along with your workout when using this product because there are not a lot of variations of exercises that you can do with it as compared to other products by TRX. Therefore, maintaining a strict diet plan while using this system on a daily basis is a must. GO Suspension Trainer Kit is best if you travel a lot because it only weighs less than 16 ounces.


  • It merely weighs less than 16 ounces.
  • The weight shipment will be around 18 ounces.
  • The product comes with a one-year non-commercial warranty from TRX.
  • The product is also covered by one year 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • The trainer system from TRX is the lightest in weight and slimmest in width.
  • The product is very affordable as well.
  • The kit is equipped with same nylon straps that TRX uses in other kits.
  • The package also includes a carry bag which eases storage while traveling.
  • The product also comes with a registration key with the help of which you can watch work videos for better guidance.


  • The number of exercises is much lower as compared to other trainer systems.
  • It’s quality might not compare well with some of the higher prices products from TRX.


If you are not looking to invest too much in your trainer system, then this is the best option because TRX has made this product with good-enough-quality materials. However, the range of workout has considerably dropped within this version. Therefore, it is pretty much basic.

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TRX is a well-known brand in its field because the products it offers to the consumers have multiple features. In our review above we have only considered the main points of each of the four products discussed.  All of the fur products above have some features that might sit well with a group of customers while some might meet the needs of others.

However, all of the above products are free from hassle in setting them, and it only takes less than a minute to do so. You can conveniently use these kits anywhere including on vacations, at home or even at your office or business trip if you want to spend a quick time working out. TRX training kits are designed to keep your body in best possible condition anywhere, anytime.

Despite that fact that it is hard to decide from the above four training systems, we highly recommend TRX Pro 3 Suspension Trainer Kit, which is the strongest and most durable out of the pack. Many professional trainers in the US use it, therefore, it becomes the most suitable product to use for training your body hardcore. The price No products found. of the product is a bit on the higher side, but its performance surpasses everything else.

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