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Triceps Bar is a necessary equipment for a gymnast. To get those muscles tighten up and maintain the workout routine every day by using equipment for different parts of the body, one needs to get hands on the best workout tools. Where triceps bar plays a huge role in getting the build of triceps.

Several triceps bars are offered in the market, having new features and groomed designs. Numerous are available in different sizes, different lengths of the arms, and different weights for intensity in the workout required. Most of these have rotating sleeves, which is the most significant concern of folks, as they allow unrestricted movement of the arms. The weight of triceps bar might vary as it gets up to a tough level.

It could be hard to get your hands on the best of the entire triceps bars in the market. Thus, here we have listed the five must have triceps bars after careful research:

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#1 CAP Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar

CAP Barbell offers one of the best and trustworthy triceps bar, which guarantees a durable equipment. CAP Barbell is well-known for providing a triceps bar for your gym of a top-notch quality and that worth your money. It comes in great shapes and sizes with a suitable length, which goes perfectly with your arms and results in a smooth workflow. It is great for hammer curls and can assist you in doing rows and triceps extensions with great ease.

The material is shiny and can be gripped easily. The clamps of this equipment are comprised of the perfect size and are durable in quality, which holds the weights without any chance of hazards. The grips given are designed in such a way that it creates friction and let you grip on tightly. Furthermore, it makes balance easily due to the distance between the two. It justifies the price as it offers a long-life guarantee.

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  • The product comes in a perfect length of 34 inches making it easier to hold on and balance.
  • It comes with a pair of collars and weights, which can be put on and off.
  • The total weight of the triceps bar is 22lbs with the claps on.
  • It can assist only 2-inch Olympic plates.
  • The gap in between of the grips is 8 ¾ inches.
  • It has smooth revolving sleeves, which makes the workout easier.


  • It is manufactured with a very high quality of a silvery material. It can be kept outside with no chances of rusting.
  • The design of the bar helps in performing different triceps workout methods making it multi-use.
  • Perfect weight and size for beginners.
  • Allows one to remove and install the weights easily.
  • It can hold up to a limited amount of weights on the sides.
  • Can be an issue for some guys because of its length.

The CAP Barbell offers the best quality triceps bar with multiple uses and the ability to bless your weight room. The design itself is worth the money and the results are no doubt worth your time. If you have the urge of trying a triceps bar with a unique quality, then you must have a go with CAP Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar.

#2 Triceps Hammer Curl Weight Bar

The Titan Fitness 34" Barbell Solid Olympic Chrome Triceps Hammer Curl Weight Bar is great for the gymnasts who are looking for a triceps bar. Since it comprises of a good weight, therefore, it benefits you to do the workout without the adding weights on it. Moreover, that enables you to do bench and hammer curls easily. With rolling sleeves, it does not restrict the movement of your arms and let the workout moves with the flow. The knurling on the grips of the bar is engraved perfectly, which supports the easy grip feature.

The most beneficial quality of this triceps bar is that it allows different triceps workout methods and let you perform with great ease. Getting your hands on this durable, easy to use and robust triceps bar will never make you regret your purchase.

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  • It weighs 25lbs and can resists the weight of 200lbs separately or combined.
  • It is 2 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 34 inches in length, which makes it easy to get the grip.
  • It consists of rolling sleeves results in no extra stress on the working area.
  • Embraces a shiny chrome.


  • It is manufactured perfectly, which results in a well-designed finishing look.
  • The distance between the grips allows balance.
  • Works perfectly for a home gym.
  • A sturdy and smooth bar with no chances of irritating squeaks.


  • It does not come with weights or clamps.

The titan fitness has always been on the run with their good quality benefits and guarantees long life equipment leaving no doubts. The length and weight of the equipment is a great feature, which every gymnast requires. This equipment fulfills all the requirements and for that reason, it’s the best choice for your collection.

#3 Threaded Solid Chrome Triceps Bar

As suggested in its name, the Sunny Health and Fitness solid chrome triceps bar have threaded ends, which helps the weights to lock in, and does not allow misbalancing. These come with collars acting as a bonus for the weights to lock. It could be the best for people who look for triceps bar, which is of smaller length and can hold heavy weights. This well-designed equipment is environment-friendly and resists rust. The grips having defined knurling can assist in a sturdy workout and makes it work in a momentum.

The price, however, works well with the quality and makes a good deal to spend money on such equipment as it consists of several incredible features.

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  • The bar is manufactured with chrome, which guarantees no rusting when introduced to the environment.
  • It comes in a standard size.
  • The ends of the bar are threaded, which makes the loading of the plates easier and tight.
  • The dimensions of the bar are 24L X 7W X 2.5W inches proving its great design.
  • The diamond knurling of the grip is especially done for a tight hold, which prevents slipping or mishandling.
  • It is nearly of 12lbs, which can hold heavy weights.


  • The size and design are friendly to handle.
  • The diamond knurling acts as one of the support for heavier weights.
  • It can withstand heavy weights.
  • It can resist the environment without getting rust.


  • Its size can be a drawback for individuals who enjoy working with a good distance between their arms.
  • The standard size does not allow working in different methods.

The overall product as compared to others in size, design, and weight resistivity can prove to be one of the best because you can put on heavyweights and still workout easily without feeling strains. Thread ends being the best feature of it makes it worth the collection as it weight 12lbs approximately. It can work as a good combination with other heavy triceps bars.

#4 MACY Triceps Bar for Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

This triceps bar are made for bodybuilding and weightlifting. It is best for hammer curls and triceps extensions due to its size and design. The knurling pattern lets you grip tight while lifting and gets along while wearing gloves. The length of this triceps bar enables a wide distance making the workout easier for tall people. The price required for the triceps bar goes well with the specifications mentioned as compared to the other bars. It is made of steel and contains chrome plates making it resistant to rust.

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  • It is followed by threaded ends, which lock the weights in place and makes the workout easy.
  • The dimensions of this bar are 34 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2.5 inches high.
  • It gets along with one-inch plates and can hold heavy loads.


  • The threaded ends assist in locking the weights and prevents loosening.
  • Its lightweight works in favor for the beginners and can resist heavyweights as well if required.
  • The chrome coating acts as a rust resistant.
  • The quality of this equipment is exclusive. 


  • The collars may cause difficulties for heavyweights.
  • Due to its knurling can be a problem with bare hands.

Macy triceps bar is best for the people who are willing to weight lift and build those muscles and be in good shape. The design and size of this equipment offers ease and comfortablility. Hands Down!

#5 Body Solid Olympic Triceps Weight Bar

The body solid triceps weight bar as suggested by name is compatible with different types of weight. It can hold up to a big amount of weights and work fine with all weights. These consist of revolving sleeves, which adds a good impact on the workout. The chrome plating helps it prevent rust and makes it a good collection of long lasting life. The knurling done on the grips, are 8 inches apart and very well engraved. It favors you to hold it tight and not losing the flow of the workout.

It also supports the body balance, as it does not provide discomfort to your arms, forearms, or wrists. It produces no strain and the size of the triceps bar makes the workout comfortable and keeps the arms together. 

Moreover, the specifications mentioned below can help you make your buying decision, which will probably result in no regrets.

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  • The triceps weight bar weights 22lbs, a perfect weight to start building muscles.
  • Its total length is 34 inches with revolving sleeves allowing it to move smoothly.
  • It can hold up to 200lbs maximum weights.
  • The 1 by 1 inch design of the bar and the grips are 8 inches apart making easy grip and keeping the arms together resulting in an easy workout.


  • The knurling is well defined and helps the grip.
  • It works perfectly for tall people due to its design.
  • The weight and size of the equipment can be a satisfaction.


  • Can be found not very well finished product.
  • The design may not be much of eye-catching.

This equipment can be suitable for tall folks as it embraces different sizes and works perfectly for anyone who wants to have a great shape. If you are looking for triceps equipment, which comprises of revolving sleeves allowing it to move smoothly, solid Olympic triceps weight bar is one of the five finest triceps bars you should get your hands on.


This article comprises of triceps bar and mentions the specifications of each, which allows you to compare them in size, weight, clamps or collars, a design consisting of knurling, revolving sleeves, and grips, in order to enable you to judge and choose from the collection of five must have triceps bar.

After reviewing the best triceps bar, we would strongly recommend you to get your hands on CAP Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar as it is one of the bestselling equipment and has shown remarkable results to previous users. With its revolving sleeves and heavyweight, it has been of a huge fame. Its exclusive features, dandy design, and fitness results will not let you regret your choice. 

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