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The Smith Machine is a piece of gym equipment used for people who want to increase their strength and weight. It is made of steel with two long vertical stands placed at a distance of approximately 2.3 meters apart. Between them is a barbell, which is 2.2 meters in length. The typical machine barbell is about 15 pounds in weight. The exercises you can do on a Smith Machine vary significantly. However, the main purpose of this equipment is to help you gain weight.
The best Smith Machines are those that offer the user a unique and comfortable weight lifting experience. They should be of good in quality as your whole body is dependent on the barbell while exercising. There are different brands, which are offering high-quality products at a reasonable price. The key to buying a Smith Machine is to know its durability, and how long the machine will last. This review will give you some examples of good smith machines you can buy easily.

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#1 Marcy Combo Smith Cage Machine

This Smith Machine falls underinto the category of one of the best Smith Machines available. It is not like the common devices being produced by other brands, but it is very unique. It hasis a combination of different gym equipment that is made put together into one, to give you a unique and wholesome experience, working more muscle groups rather than just one. The Smith Machine, pull-up bar, cable crossovers, and leg developer all combine to give your upper and lower body the chance to gain strength.

Marcy products are usually more expensivepricey, but in this case, this one is worth your money. You can useget it at your gym or even at your house. The accumulated cage measurement is 65” x 79.25” x 84.5, ” and the congregated bench measurement is 68.25” x 26” x 45.5” which makes it convenient to have in your home as well is entirely adequate to place at your home as well. It is also put together in a way which makes it easier to change the weight and balance init accordanceing to your body and needs.

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  • This machine is made of 14-gauge square steel tubing.
  • The adjustable back pad is excellent for back support.
  • The foot plate needs to be paired with the bottom pulley.
  • The Smith barbell also has safety hatches and checkers at different places to help beginners in getting acquainted with using the machine.
  • The bench is very comfortable and can be adjusted according to your desired position.
  • For various exercises, this bench can be rotated accordingly.


  • It is durable and safe to use for the heavy lifting is done on the bench.
  • It improves the safety of the exercises you do.
  • The combination of different activities allows you to get a 5 in 1 experience.
  • It can be mantled easily without any professional help.


  • It is not easily transportable, making it difficult to carry to a new place. The heavy weight of the machine also makes it tough to move around.
  • It cannot be installed into small areas. It needs ample space to be safe and used accurately.

This Marcy Smith Cage Machine is one of the top quality products you can find in the gym equipment category. The bench of this machine let you experience the comfort and it can be adjusted according to your desired position.

#2 Valor Athletics Smith Machine

Costing a bit more than the Marcy Combo Smith Cage Machine, the Valor Athletics Smith Machine is a modern machine with a traditional design. It fulfills the purpose of a Smith Machine without adding the extra features you get from other gym equipment. Its main purpose is to help people gain strength and weight in their upper body.

This machine is good for people who know their way around the gym and who can use the Smith Machine without needing help from others. It is one of the best Smith Machines made for professionals. It is ideal for building your shoulders and core and gives you a proper workout experience. It is also handy and much easier to install than other machines because the combination is straightforward. 

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  • The perfectly assembled dimensions are 53" length x 73.25" weight x 80.5".
  • The height is ideal for usage in any establishment and environment.  
  • The Olympic sized bar sleeves use weight plates with 2" holes.
  • The unloaded bar weights are around 30 lbs which are more than the usual amount.
  • With a total of 1,000 lb weight capacity, this is a very good machine.


  • It has a smooth vertical movement that allows the barbell to reduce any resistance or friction.
  • It requires comparatively less space than other Smith Machines.
  • The small inched bar weights can be easily bought from market easily.
  • It is a durable, tough, and rough machine.


  • Beginners cannot adjust to it as quickly since it requires some proper professional experience to be used.
  • The high price can hinder customers from wanting to buy this machine.

Even once you become accustomed with using this machine, you will never grow tired of it. It is a treat for the fitness freaks and for people who want to build muscle strength. Because it requires less space, it is ideal for homes and is easily carried to new places.

#3 PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine

The PowerLine Smith Machine offers a unique workout experience for those who are just starting to hit the gym or for those people who call the gym their second home. It is a durable piece of equipment which is not pricey. The affordability makes it one of the best Smith Machines available on the market.

This machine is one of a kind as it offers a versatile and safe way to build muscle strength. If you want to work out at home in privacy, this machine is perfect as you do not need a spotter. The safety catches installed in it provide a safe way to exercise without putting your body in any danger. This machine is also one of the cheapest on the market and is ideal if you want to start with basic gym equipment.

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  • The original super-glide body works effortlessly inside the combination of four 12-gauge steel pillars.
  • The 14 lockout places and modifiable protections aid in guaranteeing the lifter's safety.
  • It has very little to no resistance, and the finish is smooth.
  •   The machine measures to around 76 x 80 x 45 inches (W x H x D).
  • It has a 10-year warranty to the buyer which is an excellent deal considering the price of the machine.
  • The machine can bear a high level of stress and weight while being used.
  • It provides extra machine safety, unlike other gym machines.
  • It can be used for different training levels, and people of all heights and ages, where anyone can benefit from it.


  • The quality of this machine is not as high as the other companies and brands.
  • It is not as durable therefore has to be used carefully.

#4 Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer and Smith Station

A fully-loaded and heavy-laden machine, the Inspire Fitness Smith Station is a one of a kind piece of gym equipment that will make you want to go to the gym every day. Offering shoulder workouts, core intensifying exercises, increased thigh strength, and building up of leg muscles. This machine is perfect for your whole body. This is an expensive piece of equipment, but it is definitely worth your money if you want to go for the complete package.

The dual weight stacks are enough to keep you working on them for months. Once you get the hang of the exercises, you can move on to adding more weights. It is also a very safe machine as it provides a magnet safety latch which can be adjusted when you feel tired. There are different size options for this piece of equipment. Be sure to choose the one that suits you best.

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  • The apparatus includes an SCS bench, a leg extension attachment and a leg kit which will be needed for proper leg extension workout.
  • The bearing system is of high quality, and everything is made of steel.
  • There is two 150 lb weight stacks and dual independent weight stacks as well.
  • The machine is around 61" wide x 58" deep without a bench and 61" wide x 89" deep with the bench.
  • The minimum height is 83" and the maximum height 88".
  • Optional items include 200lb weight stack upgrade, preacher curl attachment, and abdominal bar.


  • The dual weight stacks work on both sides of your body without exhausting any one specific side at any given time.
  • It is highly durable and safe to use.
  • The optional sizes allow for a more detailed and accurate workout.
  • The bench fits perfectly in this machine and can be used for more complete lower body exercises.


  • It is a bit more expensive than the other machines.
  • You need professional help to assemble it correctly.

For a full workout experience where your body does not get exhausted, this machine is a good option. Although it is expensive, if you are looking to invest in one machine that does all the work, your money should go to this piece of equipment as it embrace different sizes to offer precise workout angles.

#5 Caribou Smith Machine

The perfect Smith Machine that combines the traditional Smith Machine purpose with a new design, the Caribou Smith Machine is a unique machine. With its high-quality bars and sturdy steel holds as well as the pillars being made of outstanding quality. Although this device is a bit more expensive, it is still very affordable. If you are building your gym and want to add the necessary instruments in it, do not miss out on this Smith Machine.

The machine has a self-oiling option which allow for a smooth ride for the whole equipment piece. The barbell is smooth, and your hands do not get injured from the resistance. The machine also has very little to no friction properties. A bench can be adjusted to the lower part of the device making it easier to exercise.

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  • The machine has self-oiling options which are good if you do not have time for maintenance.
  • The chin-up bar gives outstanding support to the chin and body.
  • The Free Low Row Foot Plate and 47"& 18" bars make the machine very powerful.
  • The Integrated Dip Station Mount is an added feature and should be explored.
  • The best part is the free Olympic Adapters for the Smith Bar.


  • It comprises of free parts that usually will cost a lot more if you buy them separately.
  • It has stylish features that add a nice appearance to your gym.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It is durable and will last a long time in your gym.


  • You can get a warranty with it, but you would have to pay more money.
  • It is more expensive than other Smith Machines as compared to the features it embraces.

For a long-lasting investment, this is one of the best Smith Machines on the market. It is additionally useful for people who are just starting out and want to first understand the basics of the gym and of gaining muscle strength.


A Smith Machine is the perfect piece of gym equipment that fulfill all your major needs. It builds muscle mass and gives you upper and lower body strength depending on your goals. A Smith Machine will never get old or go out of fashion. It will always be used by both amateurs and professionals.
This article comprises of the features, specifications and other details about the best Smith Machines. However, the machine that comes on the top of the list is the Marcy Combo Smith Cage Machine. It has most features than rest of the machines. For people who want to start exercising, we highly recommend this machine as it is comfortable and adjustable according to your requirements. We hope the article provides you with enough knowledge about how the machine works and details to see how the Marcy machine outweighs all the others. The machine, pull-up bar, cable crossovers, and leg developer all combine to give your whole body a chance to gain strength. It is efficient and durable as well, two things that you need in all gym equipment.

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