Best Pillows for Belly Sleepers

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Are you tired of neck aches, and backaches when you get up from sleep? Have you been sleep deprived due to the lack of coziness in your pillow? Do not worry as to get your hands on the best quality pillows all you need to do is recognize the positions you love sleeping and let us do the rest!

Before purchasing a material on which your sleep depends, should be chosen wisely after a great research done as they come in all shapes and sizes. Remember that sleep is an important part of your health, and for a perfect sleep night, you need a perfect pillow for your neck, belly, and back.

There are varieties of pillows available in the market with the feather, cotton, wool, polyester, memory foam, and buckwheat fillings. The choice depends on how you sleep or in which position you prefer to sleep.

Majority of the people prefer sleeping on their belly, which despite the fact is the most comfortable position to sleep, can result in major neck aches and back problems. To avoid these issues we have listed the best pillows for belly sleepers with all the details:

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#1 Coop Home Goods – Shredded memory foam pillow

This brand is keeping up the good work for all the households resulting in best materials they can make. They are here with another soft pillow for stomach sleepers. They have used a great material for filling allowing you to adjust its softness and customize it accordingly. This stuff makes the night comfortable; avert disturbances and moves with you while you shift positions.

It comprises of 60% Polyester and 40% Rayon cover making it a soft and hygienic pillow. The breathable characteristic of the cover assures a cool sleep.

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  • Filled with shredded Visco elastic memory foam.
  • The cover is made of Bamboo fabric.
  • The inner core of the pillow is adjustable.
  • It consists of three sizes i.e. standard, queen and king.
  • Standard Pillow measures 20 in x 26 inches, queen size measures 20 in x 30 inches, king size measures 20 in x 36 inches cut to size.
  • The foam used is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The cover is made hypoallergic and dust mite resistant.


  • These are made machine washable making it easy to keep clean.
  • It is an eco-friendly product.
  • The adjustable stuff of the foam helps in sleeping in any position.
  • It keeps you away from back or neck aches.
  • The fluff is just right, not too flat not too high.


  • It may be lumpy with time.
  • Requires extra fluff to make it comfortable.

The Coop Home goods have presented a great pillow with great features especially for belly sleepers. With its extra foam adjustable feature, it helps you to design and transform it to a comfortable level. Also, with the resistant property, it aids in sleeping without getting any kind of allergy or bacteria attack. If you are tired of the neck or back problems then you need to go for this pillow.

#2 Snuggle-Pedic – Bamboo Shredded memory foam pillow

This is a bamboo foam pillow, which embraces nifty features like adjustable foam and a zip for removing the bamboo cover. The removable bamboo cover helps in keeping the cover clean and tidy. It also allows you to stay away from any kind of allergies. The material of the inner core of this pillow is soft and made with good quality materials.

These pillows are available in standard size 26 x 19 inches, queen size 28 x 20 inches and king size 35 x 20 inches cut. It is devoid of ozone depleters, mercury, PBDE flame-retardants, other heavy metals, and its low in volatile organic compound.

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  • It is made of high quality shredded memory foam.
  • The cover is made breathable and lightweight due to the cover of Bamboo.
  • The cover is made hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • They use a combination of CertiPUR-US Certified and Biogreen Foam.
  • It is fully machine washable.


  • The cover can be removed with the zip provided.
  • It is made eco-friendly to keep cool at night.
  • Adjustable according to your comfort level.
  • Great for the side, back, belly or pregnant sleepers.


  • The pillow might give out smell when newly opened due to its packaging.
  • May result in being firm.

If you are a belly sleeper and suffer from backaches due to the pillow you use, it is time to change the pillow. Snuggle Pedic helps you sleep without any aches and happen to be adjustable in its comfort. This pillow might result in a good decision if you like firmness and a good sleep.

#3 MyPillow Inc- My pillow

They are branding a top-notch quality and very soft pillow, which can help you, get rid of several problems regarding back and neck. It comes in four different loft levels. With its washable quality, the pillow can be kept clean and away from dangerous bacteria, which can affect your health.

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  • It has the inner core filled by patented inter-locking polyfill.
  • It posses machine washable quality.
  • The material helps it to stay cool and breathable.
  • Made adjustable to require the perfect height you want.


  • Vacuumed and packed to conserve its features before it reaches your doorstep.
  • It prevents getting warm overnight and lets you have a comfortable sleep.
  • They are very comfortable.


  • To adjust it you might have to remove the stuffing with your liking.

This pillow allows level of comfort according to your likeness. Its adjustable quality plays a good role in your sleep. If you like having a little firm pillow under your head while sleeping on your belly, then this pillow will satisfy your need with its unique design and long lasting material.

#4 Xtreme comforts - Loft bamboo memory foam

The Xtreme comforts are offering a soft and high-quality pillow, which is filled with a certified memory foam. Moreover, the cover is made of a good quality fabric i.e. Bamboo. It helps in maintaining a good posture for your body while you are asleep. Whether you are a belly or side sleeper, it maintains the comfort levels while proving you extra foam so that you can adjust the firmness accordingly. It has Kool-Flow micro vented Bamboo cover, which has hypo allergic, antibacterial, and dust resisting properties. The cover is made breathable and helps the surface to stay cool.

This product is made the complete machine washable. The sizes have measurements i.e. standard size 17 x 23 x 7 inches, Queen size 18 x 26 x 7 inches and King size 18 x 33 x 7 inches.

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  • The cover is made breathable and helps the surface to stay cool.
  • Its cover can also be removed and washed separately.
  • It is rated number one by THE SWEETHOME.
  • The memory foam is made by CertiPUR – US certified foam.


  • It is hypoallergic and dust mite resistant property.
  • It has no toxins.
  • Great for regular use.
  • Helps in eliminating neck and back pain.
  • The thickness can be adjustable according to comfort level.


  • Might not work for back sleepers.
  • It may have firmness in the beginning.

The pillow offer high quality foam and coziness, which helps tremendously in removing back or neck pain. It keeps the blood flow regular and avoids waking you up in sweats. The breathable technology used in it keeps the air passage easy and stays cool. It can result in a very comfortable and a dandy choice for your bed.

#5 MALOUF- Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

The MALOUF pillows are designed uniquely by using sustainable rubber trees. The foam is also supported by core holes for softness and cool feeling. They have achieved a supreme quality pillow with a bamboo cover, which is resistant to all bacteria and decreases the chances of getting any health hazards. It consists of 100% pure Talalay latex derived from trees without any synthetic additives.

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  • It has a bamboo fabric covering consisting of 75% polyester and 25% rayon.
  • Available in two sizes i.e. queen and king.
  • Naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant product.
  • It is made eco- friendly with breathable technology which is due to the core holes designed in the foam.


  • The breathable technology helps you fall asleep deeper.
  • Prevents neck and backache
  • Good for belly sleepers.
  • The latex is soft which can result in comfort.


  • It can not be washed, which can result in getting greasy and dirty.
  • It is not adjustable, which may lead it to be too firm and bulky.
  • The weight it bears is quite heavy.
  • May cause problems for side sleepers.

These are Hypoallergic and comfortable pillows available in the market. Due to the unique design, these can result in being the best choice you make as these pillows can remove neck and back ache. These may result in being a good pick if you like soft and leveled pillow.


With various designs and several new features and fillings, you will find a lot of pillows in the market. What matter the most is your liking and requirements. It may be a difficult choice that might take time choose a perfect pillow, as there are different requirements for different sleeping positions.

For instance, a back sleeper loves the firmness and height of the pillow, which may be filled with a material that is firm and just. While the side sleeper would like to have a soft but just perfectly leveled pillow, which can result in the shoulders being straight and leveled with the head. Lastly, the belly sleepers love comfort which can be maintained with a soft and breathable pillow allowing one to change positions without disturbing their sleep. It all depends on how you need it. All of these features are found in pillow designed by Coop Home Goods.

To make your purchase easier and satisfactory we specified all the features of the best pillow for belly sleepers above. Moreover, we declare the Coop Home Goods pillow the best of all, due to the material used both inside and externally. It confirms no pain to be caused in the back or neck due to its adjusting features, which allows you to set the pillow according to the level and comfort you require. It is the best choice for you if you love sleeping on your belly and seek a comfortable sleep filled with hygiene. If you are sleep deprived and are sick of the low-quality pillows then this one is the best for you. Happy sleeping!

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