Best Olympic Weight Benches 2018

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With the busy life that we all have nowadays, going to the gym can be a little difficult. The only solution to this is to get some gym equipment and set up a small gym in your home. This way you will have no excuse to skip the gym.

A weight bench is an essential to home gym equipment as it helps you perform many different exercises that focus on your triceps, back, and abs. A good quality weight bench is important to increase your efficiency while weightlifting and targeting different parts of your body. Some individuals avoid the use of weight benches while weight lifting as they don’t consider it essential, but weight benches play an essential role in building your muscles. It helps you target hard muscles of your body at different angles. Weight benches are useful in developing the lean muscles of your upper and lower body.

To get the best weight bench for your home gym, you should consider its quality, style, the space it uses, the adjustability, and the extra features it provides. Make sure the bench you get has a stable structure and is not wobbly this can cause injury.
There is a variety of Olympic weight benches on the market. Some of the best weight benches on the market are compared as follows:

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#1 Marcy Pro CB-729 –Olympic Weight Bench

This bench gives you the best home gym experience. This all-in-one weight bench is equipped with a back pad that can accommodate many different positions. This product can be adjusted for people of all heights and sizes. It has an independent and adjustable height crutch that comes with quick release pop-pin knobs that help you achieve the most convenient, comfortable, and safe position while working out.
The Marcy Pro CB-729 – Competitor Olympic Weight Bench provides several seats back positions that let you target different muscles using the same equipment. The Marcy Pro CB-729 – Competitor Olympic Weight Bench allows you work out in chest, military, incline, and decline positions. You can not only train your upper body but also use this product to work on your lower limbs as well.

This bench also comes with a dual action leg developer that makes developing your leg muscles easy. The padded foam rollers for supporting your ankles and knees maximize the comfort and makes leg exercises, such as extensions and flat leg curls, easy yet effective.

The foam used is approximately two inches thick and is constructed using high-density foam padding that gives you better support and comfort. This high-density padding supports your muscles in a way that reduces muscle fatigue and soreness. It helps you build a healthy and good looking body without hitting the gym.

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  • The heavy-duty tubular steel frame is 2.5 by 2.5 inch.
  • The frame is powder coated.
  • The leg developer has foam rollers.
  • It can take up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • It accepts Olympic-sized weights.


  • It has a heavy duty steel tube frame.
  • The frame and powder coat on it is durable.
  • The back pad can be adjusted in multiple positions to target different muscles.
  • The leg developer is dual function and has foam rollers.
  • It can tolerate up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • The seat-back can get a little shaky at times.
  • The seat is not long enough for bench press.

This high-quality Olympic weight bench accepts Olympic-sized weight plates and lets you work on your body in complete peace and comfort in your home. It takes up minimal space, but still lets you target both your upper and lower body.

#2 Marcy Diamond Olympic Weight Bench MD879

This is a versatile piece of workout equipment perfect for different exercises and training workouts. The frame is made of heavy-duty tubular steel that is durable and comes with powder coating on it. It can support up to 600 pounds of weight and comes with numerous features that make weightlifting easy and effective for you.

This product has a lot of uses. For the upper-body workouts, such as chest presses, you can do that using dumbbells and bars as this bench can be set in five different positions. To aim your chest and abdomen muscles, you can do lifts at an inclined or declined position. The bench has locks at each position for the sake of safety and can be easily adjusted; thus you can exercise peacefully without being concerned about your safety.

To tone your biceps and triceps an isolated arm curl pad is included. This Olympic weight bench can be adjusted according to individuals with different heights, arm lengths, and leg lengths. It accommodates everyone. It is also equipped with leg developers that come with foam roller pads to make your lower body workout easy and comfortable.

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  • This product can be used in five positions for different exercises.
  • It is padded with vinyl foam.
  • It can be adjusted to perform a various workouts for the whole-body.
  • It comes with a separate squat rack.
  • The steel used is resistant to rust and water damage.


  • It helps you work on your complete body.
  • It can take up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • The arm pads and leg roller pads are made with high-density foam.
  • It comes with a two-piece squat rack which adds even more variety.


  • The assembling instructions are not to the point.
  • Some of the joints get rocky at times.

This is one of the best and most versatile weight benches available in the market. It helps you target all your muscle groups one-by-one and maximizes the comfort. At the same time, it is also completely safe to use. This bench can be adjusted for individuals of different heights, legs lengths, and arm lengths.

#3 Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

The Phoenix Power-Pro is an all-rounded Olympic weight bench that is ideal for working out at home. It comes with a lat tower and a sturdy and durable bench platform that is fully stable and safe. This Olympic weight bench can be adjusted in decline, incline, and fixed position.

This bench is feasible for the entire body as it has numerous extra features that either can be attached or are inbuilt. The squat rack is inbuilt while you can attach preacher curls, leg extensions, and lat tower when needed.
It comes in an Olympic size with uprights that are 42 inches apart. The frame is three inches wide and is made of steel for better durability and stability. It is also equipped with three Olympic weight plate adapters and spring clips. Apart from this it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The pulley system that is present in the bench can take up to 130 pounds of weight, and the bench can take up to 400 pounds of weight. It takes a lot of space in all three directions but still it is very versatile and can enhance your exercise.

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  • It is a complete Olympic-sized bench that can be adjusted in three positions.
  • It has lat tower, preacher curls, and leg lifts as extensions.
  • It comes with a built-in squat rack.
  • It can be adjusted in incline, decline, and fixed position.


  • It comes with hamstrings and leg lift extensions.
  • It has an inbuilt squat rack that helps in developing your lower body.
  • It comes with lat pull down.


  • The lat pulls down is unstable.
  • Tall people cannot use it very efficiently.

The Phoenix Power-Pro has a number of extensions, and inbuilt features can assist you a lot with your workout routine and training regime. The features are designed in such a way that each one targets a certain muscle of your body.

#4 Body Champ Olympic Bench for weightlifting

It is an elegant looking and good quality Olympic weight bench that weighs approximately 78.5 pounds. It is constructed using heavy-duty steel tube square frame that is 2.5 inches wide.

The preacher curl and crunch handle provided lets you perform abdominal crunches to tone your abdomen muscles. The preacher curl and the crunch handle both are padded with high-density foam for better support and comfort.

The adjustable backrest can be adjusted to seven different positions that include flat, military, decline, incline, and some other positions. The bench rack is made to be compatible with the seven and eight-inch weight bars.

It also comes with a leg developer, which lets you perform exercises to tone your limb and thigh muscles. The leg rollers are padded and adjustable to make exercise easy for you. The racks come with safety hooks, which make this bench complete safe to use. The “U” shaped leg stabilizer that comes inbuilt with this product ensures injury less workout.

Other features present in this bench are the Olympic plate adaptor as well as the spring clip for the leg developer of the bench.

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  • The backrest can be adjusted in seven different positions.
  • The leg developer can also be adjusted for different leg lengths.
  • All the key accessories like Olympic plate adaptors, leg developer spring clips, preacher curl pad, etc. are included.
  • Comes with the in-built safety hooks.


  • The handle attachment for performing abdomen exercises is padded.
  • The Olympic adaptors help you change between Olympic and standard plates.
  • It comes with safety hooks.
  • Adjustable backrest can help you with a workout for the whole-body. 


  • The maximum weight lifting capacity is 180 pounds.
  • The instructions that come with the product are very vague.

The features that come with Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench are the best in the market. It provides the ideal extensions and inbuilt features, but the low weight lifting capacity is a huge setback.

#5 XMark International Olympic Weight Bench

This bench by XMark provides the athletes with a stable and safe way to work out and target the entire muscles of the body. The goal behind this weight bench was to provide stability and strength at a reasonable price. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight on the bar, and the bench can support 400 pounds totaling 700 pounds.

The sliding design of the Bench lets you do different exercises using this bench even though the bench itself is connected to the barbell rack. The changing of backrest position is extremely easy and user-friendly.

The safety rails and bar supports in this bench is reversible, which makes it very easy and comfortable to use. You can use them for bench and shoulder presses. Once you are done, it can be taken to the other side to become your squat support.
The user not only with a leg developer as an extension but also with preacher curls for biceps and forearms. You might feel at times as if the preacher curl gets in the way of your bench press workout, in that case, you can easily remove the preacher curl and install it later.

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  • Comes with a lifetime in-home warranty.
  • It has high-density 2.5-inch cushions.
  • It comes with leg developer and preacher curls extensions.
  • It has six reversible crutch positions.
  • The Olympic adapter is also included with the bench.


  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • The bench is user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • You can do a large number of full body exercises on it.
  • It provides full support to your back.


  • There are limited numbers of holes at lower back positions.
  • It can get a little inconvenient for tall people.

The XMark International Olympic Weight Bench has been marked as the number one bench on a lot of popular shopping sites due to the features it provides at such a reasonable price. It is one of the best Olympic weight benches on the market.


Good quality and adjustable weight benches are very significant for the preparation of Olympic lifting as well as for other different competitions. These benches can also be a part of your home gym, so you don’t have to go out to a gym every time you need to practice or workout. The first thing that you should be concerned with is the safety options that a certain product has, as there is a risk of severe injuries during weight lifting.

Another thing that is important is the stability of the bench, as well as the weight threshold of the product. Make sure that you select the weight bench that is compatible with your height as some weight benches are inconvenient for tall people.

According to the reviews that I have posted and the reviews from the most popular websites above the best Olympic weight bench is XMark International Olympic Weight Bench. Even though it is expensive as compared to the other weight benches mentioned, it is the safest and most user-friendly product.

It takes minimal space and comes with some different extensions that help you extend the variety of exercises that you can do using this product. Another worth mentioning feature is that it can support the highest weight threshold in comparison to the other mentioned benches.

The frame used for the construction is extremely stable and durable. You will never feel the screws or knobs, and the frame will not get wobbly or rocky. It is made with extreme care to provide the safest, most stable, and most comfortable working out experience.

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