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Best Mountain Bikes Review

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Choosing a mountain bike might be a complicated decision for most of you. It is because there are various bikes available in the market which can confuse you. In today’s fast-paced world, the sheer diversity of bike kinds, not to mention the baffling array of machinery and terminology surrounding these, can seem astounding. Some bikes comprise of dual-suspension fork to give you a comfortable ride even on terrains, meanwhile, other bikes embrace Shimano 21-speed derailleurs for reliable shifting of gears. There are numerous brands that offer different frame sizes so even the bulky folks can buy the XL-size to enjoy their rides. You should pick one which offers Shimano braking system as it increases control.

The features to look for in a mountain bike entirely depends on the kind of riding. For 14 years of age and above, we recommend getting the Schwinn Protocol dual-suspension mountain bike while for elders or bulky individuals Diamondback hard tail mountain bike is the right choice as it comes in four different frame sizes and can bear the heavy weight. However, if you are a beginner, there is no need of getting a full suspension bike. Read further to find out the best mountain bikes in 2018 and pick one that suits your requirements.

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Best Mountain Bikes in 2017

#1 Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

No products found. Various brands try to manufacture the best mountain bikes and offer diverse features. The Schwinn brand has taken the first rank in our review of the best mountain bikes in 2018. It is selected as a premier because the brand embraces 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur and 18 inches downhill aluminum dual suspension frame comes with the Suntour suspension fork. The entire bike is the ideal option for the casual riders who would like a comfortable ride on the roads as it entails light and robust alloy rims which support knobby mountain tires for durable everyday riding. Likewise, it matches with the build of athletic, sporty man and individuals with an active lifestyle. The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 comes with the top of the line features. The frame of the suspension is made of sturdy material plus it is light in weight. On the other hand, the handlebar, assure you to have full control of your bike as it has an aluminum dual suspension frame, and will absorb the bumps you encounter on the trail. You will experience less fuss in this bike as the promax disc located in the front and alloy linear pull brakes in the rear of this bike is only meant to provide comfort, safety and increased control. You must be wondering about the price of this dual suspension bike. Believe us; it falls under your budget.


  • It comprises of 24-speed drive train which gives you the freedom to ride at high speed. The 18 inches downhill aluminum dual suspension frame comes with the Suntour suspension fork.
  • Schwinn mountain bike weighs 43 pounds thus; it makes it lightweight for the beginners
  • The overall product dimensions are 68 inches in length, 23 inches in width and 41 inches in height.

  • Another feature that makes it the best mountain bike in 2018 is the unique brake style. It means Promax disc is located in the front and rear alloy linear pull brakes
  • It is appropriate for the age group of 14 years and above.


  • For smooth riding experience, the tires must be of high profile. Schwinn contains the proper quality of tires that provide traction to control on dark surfaces as well.
  • If you decide to ride on rough terrain, a suspension fork is necessary. In Schwinn mountain bike there is Suntour suspension frame which works to dampen vibration.
  • The frame is made of a reliable material to carry you safely during the mountain ride bike. Hence, it will not bend at any pressure it faces.


  • No storage for mounting water bottle is available.

The Schwinn establish itself in the competition because of the Dual-suspension front (Hardtails) for reliable, responsive riding. Moreover, it entails excellent quality gears. All in all, it is an entry level bike for newbies with robust braking system.

#2 Merax Finis 21 Speed Mountain Bike

No products found. You can double the fun for your holidays or weekends by getting the best mountain bikes in 2018. Like Schwinn, another well-known name is Merax Fins for the production of mountain bikes. It is a particular kind of mountain bike for cross country cycling or mountain biking as it comprises of fork 80mm Travel suspension. For that reason, the weight of this Merax bike is not hefty. As the name suggests, it embraces a maximum of 21 speeds with gear shifter that displays the shifting of gears. The idea of inventing the 21-speed mountain bike is the provision of serenity to the intermediate riders. If we talk about its wheels, they are 26” in size and are designed in a way that these do not need tuning. The disc braking system gives stopping power when you are riding faster. To give this product longevity, the Merax Company has painted the bike firmly. The Merax Fins speed mountain bike embraces inexpensive rates comparing the features it offers.


  • It features 80 m suspension fork to make your ride smooth and comfortable.
  • Merax Fins uses heat treated aluminum in the making of the frame it is done to keep it on a lighter side.
  • This bike has 26 inches of tires and 19 inches of the frame. Along with it, there is a seat adjustment which aid folks of any height to sit on it with affluence.
  • Its wheels have the lightweight magnesium alloy that will make trouble free ride.
  • The Shimano EF51 moves quickly plus it is an upgrade to the traditional twist type shifters.


  • As it is light in weight hence, you can carry it easily. Moreover, this will not add up to your body mass during the ride.
  • Since it is equipped with reliable derailleurs and Shimano shifters, therefore, aids the mountain bike to work seamlessly.
  • It uses a disc brake to ensure there is control when you ride it at high speed. The design of the Merax Fins mountain bike comprises of a sharp design to attract numerous customers.


  • Water bottle holder is present, but it is not a durable one.
  • Disc breaking tendencies require some adjustment.

The Merax Fins 21 speed mountain bike fulfills these requirements and does not compromise on suspension and gears quality. Moreover, the disc braking system is nifty.

#3 Diamondback Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

No products found. Are you in search of the hard tail mountain bike with great suspension? If so, you have landed on the right page. Again for entry level riders or teen agers, it is the new option with brand new features like it is designed to make sure it can perform well on any terrain. In this write up we aim to tell you about the best mountain bikes in 2018. Among other choices, the Diamondback hard tail mountain bike must be taken into consideration for its great quality 24 gears which allows smooth shifting and tektro disc brakes.  In addition to that, this mountain bike has a sturdy frame which is the backbone of the cycle. Likewise, the tires are of superior quality to have a grip on the road. The brand offers this mountain bike at a nominal price.


  • The Diamondback Sorrento shows up in various sizes so that you can select one for you accordingly. The sizes vary from 12 inches to 22 inches.
  • It possesses a DB 6061-T6 frame along with the replaceable
  • This bike has diamondback of 32H with a 7- speed drive train as well
  • The handlebar is of steel riser, and the color of the mountain bike is black.


  • In this mountain bike, the material of the frame is heat treated aluminum. It in turns make the product reliable and durable.
  • The Diamondback Sorrento suspension and fork are efficient and smooth.
  • For providing maneuverability, the tires are enough to make your riding experience trouble-free.
  • While riding, you require water to stay hydrated. Thus, you can find the water bottle mount on this bike.
  • The double wall alloy rims guarantee a joyful ride on rough.


  • The seats are not comfortable.
  • No kickstand is present in Diamondback mountain bike which is a big drawback.

In short, this is the functional yet classy mountain bike as there is SR Suntour M303 27.5 inches suspension fork. Moreover, this bike contains two types of the hub that locates on the front which is satisfying for the consumers

#4 Beiou Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike

No products found. Of course, when you are looking for the mountain bike, material, durability, and design are a must check out. The BEIOU carbon fiber mountain bike entails SHIMANO DEORE 610(10-speed, Hidden Disc Brake and air fork Suspension, Hardtail MTB. This mountain bike has a sleek design made to give top performance. However, the bike is of no benefit if you enjoy bike rides through the paved roads. For that reason, it is suitable for mountains, dirt paths, and rough surfaces.

Unlike some traditional mountain bikes, it has got unique characteristics. First of all the hydraulic brake system comes up with dual disc. Second of all, there is firm red and white saddle and frame of Toray T800 carbon fiber. Moreover, the last but not the least the BEIOU bike is pricey, but it is worth the price.


  • In BEIOU carbon fiber bike there is a Shimano M610 Deore system.
  • The mountain bike comes in 3 sizes that are 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches.
  • It comes in multiple color combination like white and yellow, white and green and so forth.
  • The overall weight of the bike is 33 pounds. Plus, the product dimensions are 53.1x28.7x7.9 inches.
  • There is an option to adjust the seat and four bolt riser systems.


  • You already know about its frame; it contains carbon fiber. The brand has used this material to make it a shock absorber.
  • The alloys have aluminum which results in making the wheels lighter.
  • You must be thankful for the 27-speed system of this bike for the reason that it assists you to adjust the speed level within no time.
  • It embraces front suspension type which means you get pleasure while riding.


  • BEIOU mountain bike is very firm for long trips
  • As the wheel size is 26 inches thus, there is no choice of upgrading it to 29 inches

It embraces carbon fiber making this bike a shock absorber. No doubt this is a unique feature and the speed system of this bike assists you to adjust the speed level within no time.

No products found.

#5 Mingdi Mountain Bike

No products found. We are presenting you the best mountain bikes in 2018 which offers the high performance at inexpensive rates. Mingdi is the mountain bike which sells a combination of passion and speed product attributes. It entails high-quality 24 speed Derailleurs and Shifters for the reliable shifting. The top of the line feature of this mountain bike is the smooth and fast disc brakes. Furthermore, for providing ultra-durability, there are anti-skid tires. It is a heavy mountain bike. Similar to the other mountain bikes the rate of this bike is not expensive.


  • It comprises of 26 inches double wall rims.
  • There are two premium discs in this mountain bike. These locate on the front and rear sides.
  • 24- Speed high-quality shifters and derailleurs are present.
  • It weights around 43 pounds that mean it is the heavyweight.
  • The frame is composed of the steel.


  • Rubber covered solid stand allows the extra support. So, it would last for longer time
  • For efficient buffering, it contains dual suspension front fork.
  • The saddle of the Mingdi mountain bike is breathable as well as adjustable.
  • Coating of paint on this bike renders longevity.
  • Dovetail adjustable handlebar is there to let you hold the handle for prolong period.


  • Various individuals might not like the quality of the brakes as it is not Shimano.
  • The instruction book which accompanies with the bike does not contain full details.
  • Its back wheel requires an adjustment that might be difficult for several folks.

To sum it up, the Mingdi mountain bike has got heat treated aluminum and 24- Speed high-quality shifters and derailleurs are present. Hands down!

You might not have figured out your new dream mountain bike. However, after reading this review, you know what to look for in the best mountain bike. The present style mountain bikes have been designed incredibly for a smooth ride. Furthermore, checking out the specifications and review of the bike is imperative.

Meanwhile, one must attend the demo of the bike to find out its detail in depth. In this product consideration of the best mountain bikes in 2018, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 men’s dual suspension mountain bike got 1st rank. The choice is made after considering the design, material, price, quality and the size of the entire product. Nevertheless, this mountain bike lacks only water bottle holder, but that does not come in essentials.

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