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Best Beachbody Program For Weight Loss Reviewed

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Are you tired of the long workouts that does not produce optimal results? Are you looking out for the perfect workout plan that not only helps you slim down your waist or sculpt your abs but aids you enjoy the process as well? Beachbody is an acclaimed brand that is adamant in assisting you achieve the best Beachbody for yourself. They host a wide range of kits and all of these support you lose weight in a unique way. To make your decision about choosing the best Beachbody program for weight loss, we have compiled a list of our top five.

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Best Beachbody Program for Weight Loss


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#1 Beachbody P90X DVD Workout - Base Kit

The Beachbody DVD Workout Base Kit is a revolutionary system of 12 highly intense workout that have been tried, and tested by professionals. The Workout plan and exercises are distributed across 12 DVDs, and an extremely copmprehensive nutrition plan. Apart from this, the kit allows you to choose from different supplement options exclusively designed to care for your separate needs. A Fitness Guide is included in the package as well to ensure you get the perfect beach body in the least amount of time possible.

The DVD workout kit focuses on different muscle groups or different training technique in each DVD. Being the best beachbody program for weight loss, it focuses on Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Pylometrics, Back and Biceps, X Stretch, Kenpo X, Legs and Back, Core Synergistics et cetera. Also included in the kit is a calendar and a ‘How to Bring It’ DVD to provide an overview of the plan. The best part? Celebrity trainer Tony Horton hosts the whole workout program!

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  • The kit includes 12 different DVDs each of which focuses on a separate group of muscles or technique.
  • A nutrient planner is included to help you plan all your meals.
  • A workout Calendar, how to bring it DVD and a Fitness Guide is included as well.
  • Celebrity trainer Tony Horton hosts the Program.
  • The Program boasts of making you fit and healthy in 90 days.
  • The focus is on the Muscle Confusion Technique.


  • The Kit introduces new techniques constantly so your body stays active.
  • The DVD set is very engaging as are the mix and match routines.
  • Other free online tools are available as well to ensure better progress.
  • You can customize your own routine according to your body type using the Fitness Guide.
  • The How to Bring DVD is extremely helpful in giving you an overview to help you decide where to start.


  • The Videos are not in HD.

The Beachbody DVD Workout Base Kit is perfect as it provides you with the toned body you want in merely 90 days. The 12 set of DVDs focus on Muscle Confusion Technique to ensure your body never plateaus and you never get bored!

#2 Beachbody FOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program

It is one of the best beachbody program for weight loss; the acclaimed trainer Shaun T. hosts this Focus T25. This new workout program by Shaun T makes the huge claim of helping you get an hour’s result in merely half an hour. This is perfect for those working moms or dads, as it requires you to take out 25 minutes out of your routine. The Kit includes nine DVDs, which embraces 11 workouts that are only 25 minutes long. The Whole workout rotuine is divided into two sections: Alpha Workout Cycle and a Beta Workout Cycle.

Moreover, in the package there is a Quick Start Guide to familiarize you with the weight loss program and a Nutrition Plan to help you plan all your meals. The Workout Calendars assist you in keeping track of your progress! A 5-Day Fast Track Guide includes an intense 5-day meal plan to kick-start your weight loss!

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  • The package includes 11 workouts across nine DVDs.
  • A Quick Start Guide, a B-Line Resistance Band, Nutrition Guide, and Workout Calendars are included as well.
  • The 5-Day Fast Track, an intense diet plan is included to help you loose weight.
  • Acclaimed trainer Shaun T. hosts the DVDs.
  • The Workout Kit is designed to give you results in merely 10 weeks.
  • It is designed to use for 25 minutes, 5 days a week.


  • The workouts take merely 25 minutes out of each day and 5 days in a week.
  • The 5 Day Fast Track Guide helps you kickstart your weight loss journey.
  • The Workouts are divided into Cycles to help you prioritize.
  • It includes a resistance band as well to help you do the workouts.
  • The workouts can be modified to suit your body.


  • The latex band can cause allergies to those allergic to latex.

The Focus Shaun T DVD Program is an essential for working folks who cannot seem to take time out for the gym! The 25 minutes workouts are motivating and do not let you get bored or tired. The nine DVDs along with the guides are truly the light you need to follow if you want to shed those pounds fast!

#3 Beachbody Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

The Beachbody Hip Hop Abs is the perfect 30-day program for those who want sculpted abs without lifting a finger! One of the best beachbody program for weight loss, it includes 10 workouts that are distributed across three DVDs including three bonus workouts and three bonus Learn to Dance workout routines that will pleasantly surprise you! The kit is perfect for beginners as it contains a systematic Nutrition guide to help you plan your meals as well as a 30-day Workout Calendar. In addition, it entails a 6-Day Slimdown Program to jump-start your weight loss!

To aid you keep track of your progress a measurement card and tape are included as well. Other guides comprise of a Get Started Success Guide Book and a Results on the Run Diet Guide! The acclaimed trainer Shaun T as well as the dancer Tania Ante host the DVDs. The whole kit focuses on cardio excercises that will burn away all your calories!

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  • The package includes 10 workouts distributed over three DVDs.
  • It includes three Bonud Routines as well as three Learn to Dance Routines.
  • The kit includes a Step by Step Nutrition Guide, Measurement Card, Measurement Tape, 30 Day Workout Calendar, 6 Day SlimDown Program, Success Guide and a Run Diet Guide.
  • Shaun T and Tania Ante host the kit.
  • The program focuses on cardio exercises.
  • It is a 30-day dance based in-home program.


  • You can get sculpted abs in merely 30 days.
  • It is based on cardio exercises and dance routines making them easy to follow.
  • The Slimdown program can help you lose 3 inches off the waist.
  • You do not need to buy any extra equipment.
  • The dance routines help make the workout fun and interesting.


  • The quality of the Videos may be questionable as they are not in HD.

The Hip Hop Abs Program is your fastest way to sculpted abs without doing much. The specially designed cardio exercises and dance routines help you shed all those pounds without getting bored or tired. Who could have thought weight loss would be this easy?

#4 Beachbody Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit

The Beachbody Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit effectively combines the muscle-sculptin, core strengthening benefits of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga. It helps you lose weight not by making you hold intene poses, instead it speeds the routine up so you can see the benefits for yourself! It includes 3 DVDs having 10 workouts distributed across them. Also included is a Quick Start Guide, tape measure, 60-day workout calendar and a Get lean Eating Plan. The Get Lean Eating Plan will aid you pick out the cleanest and leanest meals for yourself throughout the day. The kit focuses on low impact workout so you can minimize all the stiffness and aches later!

The workouts are 25-45 minutes long. You can get a lean, defined body in about 60 days while working 6 days a week! Chalene Johnson is the host of this incredible innovative kit. She walks you through all the movements with incredible ease.

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  • It includes a Get Lean Eating Plan, Quick Start Guide, 60-day workout calendar and a tape measure.
  • PiYo combines the strength building techniques of Pilates with the flexible exercises of Yoga.
  • The kit is hosted y Acclaimed PiYo teacher Chalene Johnson.
  • The workouts are half hour to 45 minutes long.
  • The program is sixty day long with 6 days a week.


  • PiYo cranks up the speed to offer a truly fat burning solution.
  • All workouts are low impact so you do not have to worry about aches.
  • All the workouts are short and none takes more than an hour.
  • There is a modifier follow in every workout to help you modify the exercise according to your needs.
  • You can get a lean body in merely 60 days of low impact workouts.


  • The recovery times are a bit too low and the transition from one pose to another is too aggressive.

The Chalene Johnson 60 day workout Program is the true combination of Pilates and Yoga to shed all the extra pounds at a faster pace. Chalene Johnson is the true star here as she leads the way with encouragement and cheer. This low impact workout is the best beachbody program for weight loss for those folks who are terrified of something more intense.

#5 Beachbody Base Kit - CORE DE FORCE - DVD workout program

If you would love to lose weight fast, MMA style, this DVD workout is perhaps the finest beachbody program for weight loss that features the great Mixed Martial Arts enthused workout program. The Super Trainers Joel and Jericho help you achieve that knockout body in less than 30 days. The kit includes 10 MMA inspired workouts distributed across three DVDs. Moreover, the kit entails an eating plan, workout calendar and a Quick Start Guide. The Eating Plan includes a revolutionary way of eating that will fir up your metabolism while the calendar will keep track of your progress.

The best part about this Workout is that there is no equipment necessary! All the workouts are in 3-minute rounds of Kickboxing, Boxing, body weight training, Muay Thai, and cardio spikes. Exclusively designed to support you in slimming down the waist and belly, this workout program features 360 degree Core Training to strengthen your core.

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  • The program includes 10 workout programs distributed over three DVDs.
  • The kit includes an Eating Plan, 30 day Calendar, and a Quick Start Guide.
  • The program features all Mixed Martial Arts Style Workouts.
  • Super trainers Jericho and Joel host the program.
  • The workout program is 30 days long and includes 3-minute rounds of each martial arts style.


  • You can lose weight in about 30 days.
  • The kit requires absolutely no equipment to go with it.
  • It strengthens your core and builds muscles on targeted areas.
  • It includes modifier workouts to help you customize your routine.
  • All the workouts takes just an hour to be performed.


  • For some advanced users, it might seem dull and boring.

The Core De Force Base Kit is perfect for MMA enthusiasta who want to lose weight in the most badass way possible. It is truly the best beachbody program for weight loss as it helps you sculpt your body in merely 30 days! If that is not a steal, we do not know what is!


All the beachbody workout programs are best in one term or another. However, The Beachbody DVD Workout - P90X - Base Kit seems unmatched in its weight loss power. The 12 DVDs dedicated to individual muscles will help you target those muscle areas more effectively. Apart from that, the Nutrient Planner, Workout Calendar, ‘How to Bring it’ DVD, and the Fitness Guide all are remarkable and benefit you along in your journey to slimmer, sleeker body.

Tony Horton, himself, guides you to the perfect beach body! The P90X is by a wide margin the best beachbody program for weight loss. Don’t simply take our word for it, try it out yourself!

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